Today we space going to talk around a part of the coffee making process that frequently gets overlooked, and that is filtration, and specifically, her humble coffee filter.

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We are often asked questions about coffee filters, now and again, and also finally we have made decision to create an article devoted entirely to those objects.

Coffee filter are, in their own way, the unsung heroes the coffee making, help you to do awesome coffee every solitary time you brew a cup by doing one important job, which is maintaining the the infused coffee/water melange different from the grinds.

There is actually a how amazing amount to speak about, so let’s no tarry, shall we? use the adhering to table of materials to navigate this article:

Table that Contents

Alright, stop talk more coffee filters!

What are the different types of coffee filter?

Coffee filters come in all sorts the shapes, sizes, and also materials, yet there are mostly 3 varieties of materials used for coffee filters this days.

Paper filter – commonly paired through certain varieties of drip coffee makers, and also normally do of disposable paper.

As with other filters, serves the an easy purpose of staying clear of the coffee grounds from obtaining into the pot or cup that coffee.

The pros are that they space cheap, and also they are said to block the most particulates from getting into your coffee, causing a smoother cup.

The cons space that some world claim that file filters have a “taste” the gets into the coffee, however that goes for just around any filter really, nevertheless of material.


Cloth filter – made of herbal cotton, hemp, or lightweight fabric. Occasionally a couple of coffee grounds deserve to be watched in the coffee because the feet on cloth filters room bigger 보다 the holes on document filters.

Cloth filters pertained to the shape of a cone or a bag and have to it is in cleaned with water and sometimes a scrub-brush, and, in the way, they room re-usable, i beg your pardon is a pro. The main con is you have to wash it all the time, so it doesn’t stain or obtain too dirty to usage again.


Metal coffee filter – well-known for the fact that castle are very re-usable, metal coffee filters room often built into part coffee makers, and also have a an extremely fine mesh. Back the meshes space fine v these varieties of filters, it is stated that castle can’t compare to some file filters in regards to the fineness that particulates that make that through.

That said, in some ways, they deserve to be considered cleaner than both file and towel filters, i beg your pardon they need to be, because they space made the metal and also you’ll it is in re-using castle most most likely every time you brew.

As with any type of other filter, civilization could claim that the metal has actually it’s very own flavor that doesn’t include any great flavor to the coffee, yet on the other hand, if that stainless steel, that’s as clean of a steel as she going come get.

In some ways, steel coffee filters are difficult to clean, due to the fact that coffee bits can get recorded in the mesh, but it depends on the separation, personal, instance filter.


Alright, now on to a inquiry that is more about the absence of a filter 보다 the presence of one…It is a concern that goes back to pioneer days, really.

Can you make coffee without a filter?

Many people think the you can’t carry out this, yet it’s possible, and also the method itself is often referred to as “stovetop” or “cowboy” coffee, with the idea being the cowboys didn’t use filters when they were on the range, but they still drank lots of coffee, no they?

How have the right to it be done? that simple. You merely boil water in a pot or pan, then include your ground coffee. Let the coffee chef for 4-5 minutes. When the water is infused through the coffee, you have the right to turn the warmth off and let that sit.

Once the floor coffee settles on the bottom the the pot, you have the right to then drink the coffee. Just be careful to not to pour any grinds right into your cup. The operative word below is “careful”. Yes sir no filter impede the floor coffee indigenous the liquid coffee.


Watch this an excellent video on how to do filter-free cowboy / stovetop coffee.

Even despite we’re talking right here today about filters, that also an excellent to know that you can make coffee simply fine without one. It simply doesn’t occur to some civilization that you deserve to do that.

Who invented The Coffee Filter?

It all started with a woman named Melitta Bentz (31 January 1873 – 29 June 1950) from Dresden, Germany, that went to good lengths come make sure that a cup of coffee wouldn’t have any kind of coffee grounds in it.

As I have mentioned before in mine previous write-up “What nation Drinks The most Coffee? (Bonus – great Cafés come Boot)”, The an initial cup of coffee dates ago to the 15th century, and also ever since it has been just one of the worlds greatest inventions.

Now if her a coffee lover favor me, climate you must also think one more one the the worlds greatest inventions has to be the coffee filter, if no we would all be drinking coffee through coffee grounds in the bottom…yuck!

Now legend has it the Melitta would make she husband a cup the coffee every morning, after ~ he had his coffee it was off to work, then Melitta would scrub the bottom that the coffee pot to acquire the coffee grounds out.


There to be a towel coffee filter being supplied at the time, yet they were fairly high priced back and, well, if you no wealthy, girlfriend most likely couldn’t afford one. Melitta had sufficient of scrubbing though, so she decided to experiment one day! an initial she gained her brass coffee pot and used pond to placed a couples feet in the bottom, second she acquired a item of document from her sons notebook and also covered the bottom of the coffee pot, third and ultimately she placed the coffee grounds in the coffee pot climate poured the boiling water over optimal and….WA-LAH! The document coffee filter to be created.

Melitta’s document coffee filter became an extremely popular, and also soon she and her husband went into service selling this amazing coffee filter call it, “Filter Top maker lined with Filter Paper”.

Today it is still a family-owned and operated company that quiet produces this very popular and amazing coffee product. All due to the fact that she was worn down of scrubbing those coffee grounds, Melitta readjusted the means we make and drink our coffee.


How To use A Coffee Filter In A Coffee Pot

Fill the device with water

Insert the filter. (If you are using a document filter, make certain to acquire one it is fit her coffee pot. If you are using a recycle filter, make certain to clean it in in between brewing.)

Measure the end your coffee

Prepare your machine

Brew the coffee

Clean up

Watch this an excellent video showing just how to use a file coffee filter if friend have any type of reservations.

Now, stop look in ~ the different types of coffee filters as soon as again and breakdown their specific benefits.

Coffee Filter Benefits

We stated some of the benefits of the different coffee filters turn off the top, however we should reiterate and add to these points due to the fact that they room so essential to a an excellent cup the coffee

Paper Coffee Filter Benefits

Paper filters room sanitary because they room to be offered one time only and then thrown away, therefore no bacteria forms from over usage.

Paper filters get rid of the oily parts that are discovered in the raw coffee beans, and also this clears cholesterol. Easier to clean up since you litter it away when the coffee is finished.

South Indian Coffee Filter Benefit


The southern Indian coffee filter is a stainless steel filter collection you might like to know about.

This coffee filter has 4 parts come it, 2 cylinder cup (one cup has pierced bottom) the cup v the pierced bottom requirements to be stack on height of the various other cup, a pierced pushing disc, and also a lid because that on top.

You deserve to make a unique tasting and strong cup of coffee. Once making cappuccino, latte, or macchiato rather of heating or boiling the milk you steam it.

This southern Indian coffee filter has a strong and really fresh decoction that offers out a exorbitant smelling aroma.

Permanent Coffee Filter Benefit

Permanent coffee filters deserve to be washed and reused.

They are made of gold, metal, or nylon and also usually price anywhere between$ 10-$30, depending on the product they’re do with.

They can be used for year if correctly cleaned and maintained. More powerful flavors contrasted to paper filters which eliminate some that the flavors.

Can You instead of A Coffee Filter?

You have the right to substitute a coffee filter with many things such as:


Toilet Paper



Butter Muslin

Fine Cloth

Wire Mesh Filter


Instant Coffee

Warning: record Towels

Paper towels space absolutely not a an excellent idea come substitute for a coffee filter! The record towels deserve to tear apart once exposed come high heat. Lock are likewise treated with certain chemicals the can adjust the means your coffee tastes.

Here’s a video clip showing a product referred to as the “coffee sock”. Precious a look!

Now, top top to one more important and seldom talked about aspect the coffee filters…

Bleached vs Unbleached Coffee Filters


In the human being of coffee lovers, over there has always been a debate around bleached and also unbleached coffee filters.

Some civilization say bleached coffee filters room the best, and others to speak unbleached is the best… because that a lengthy time I constantly wondered what the difference between them? here’s what i learned.

Bleached Filters


Bleached filter – these coffee filter records have to go through a procedure that provides them watch white, the difference is that herbal coffee filters documents don’t look white in ~ all, they are sort of favor those record bags friend would obtain from the grocery store.

Bleached coffee filters room not great for the environment due to the fact that the filters have bleach in castle they have the right to pollute the atmosphere after they space thrown in the trash.

There are two main commodities used to bleach coffee filters:



Unbleached Coffee Filters


Unbleached filters- this coffee filters execute not have that shining white look contrasted to the bleached coffee filters. Unbleached coffee filters are an ext natural and much more environmentally friendly.

Unbleached filters don’t undergo that manufacturing procedure compared to bleaching coffee filters, and when these coffee filter decompose the chemicals the still continue to be are put earlier into the ground aren’t together harmful together bleached coffee filters.

Warning: Unbleached coffee filters have the right to sometimes make her coffee end taste a little like paper, however to prevent this from happening:

Place her filter in your coffee make

Pour a tiny water into it come wet the whole filter

Get rid of the water you used to wet the filter and also brew your coffee.

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Just by doing these pair extra actions will really aid you avoid the record taste from gift passed to her coffee.

How plenty of Microns room In A Coffee Filter?


Microns- A standard measurement of size equal to one-millionth that a meter.

Most file coffee filter come in 10-20 microns. Now your more than likely wondering what is a micron? Basically, a micron is the pore dimension of the coffee filter girlfriend use.

A dimension 20-micro filter has actually bigger pores, so it would allow bigger pieces of coffee ground into your coffee compared to a size 5-micron filter would.

This concludes our epic short article on coffee filters. Us hope us were may be to impart some helpful information to you coffee fans the end there. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below, together we’d love come hear from you!