“I wanna be the an extremely best, choose no one ever was,” belted out throughout the opening tune of the Pokémon anime series—or through every developer in ~ one point in their career.

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Just choose a Pokémon trainer and also their Pokémon, developers and also the programming language they use deserve to be an extremely personal. Opinions, tastes, and preferences, (and humor) vary relying on who you ask.

So let’s imagine this: “What if programming languages were Pokémon?” Let’s try to capture them every on this list!

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Assembly: Gyarados

Source: reddit

It’s an effective AF! But prior to you reach this powerful state, you have to keep recording so many Magikarp you’ll be sick of it when you perform have sufficient to evolve it into Gyarados. Therefore patience and persistence is definitely the key. Just keep powering the up and you’ll discover that its immense power can carry you through tough battles.

Ada: Blastoise

Source: tumblr

Sure, you’ll encounter much better ones the end there however this one’s huge and sturdy, and also really an excellent at what that for— safety and defense. You deserve to rely ~ above it because that safety crucial systems: missile guidance, avionics, spacecraft navigation, missile interception, and other solution where there’s absolutely no room for error. And with those twin cannons, you recognize you don’t want to mess with it during combat.

Basic: Bulbasaur

Source: Therandominmyhead

It’s renowned with beginners because it’s quite simple and accessible. It have the right to be a an excellent companion once you’re just beginning out however most will simply retire it once they gain stronger and much better performing ones.

C: Eevee

Source: quickmeme

Eevee in that original type is nice likeable—just choose C. Because that the many part, it is decent and also hardworking yet its evolved forms have resulted in faster, stronger, and better-performing ones—Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon—which way it have the right to probably carry out anything. Due to the fact that of the numerous possibilities you’ll have actually when you want to evolve it, plenty of players who catch Eevee think about it as critical breakthrough.

C++: Vaporeon

Source: imgflip

When power is important, Vaporeon deserve to be quite speedy and also reliable. Usage it as a gym defender, or if you require it to strike other gyms (and it deserve to be pretty darn cute, too), Vaporeon is an all-rounder and also is handy to have. If you have the right to master this composite creature, climate you’re in for a an excellent one.

C#: Jolteon

source: deviantart

Pikachu and Jolteon space both electric-type Pokémon, which makes them comparable in the sense—just favor the method Java and C# space pretty similar. Return there space some differences in between them, the all at once feel between the 2 is really similar. Yet Jolteon comes from a heat of quite solid evolutions, which could make that a much better electric-type 보다 Pikachu (depending on the trainer you ask, the course).

The last thing you could speak to it is simple or easy however it have the right to be nice elegant. Jolteon’s cells create a low level of electricity and this power is magnified by static… yet statically-typed language aren’t important dynamic, room they?

Eiffel: Mr. Mime

Source: Buzzfeed

It’s French.

Fortran: Aerodactyl

Source: DeviantArt

It’s prehistoric. And there to be a time that it flew freely and also fearlessly through the skies. When you use it now it have the right to still be pretty vicious, yet it’s no versatile enough for multi-purpose usage and also it doesn’t it is adapted fast enough to our contemporary times.

Haskell: Ditto

Source: ifunny

It’s quite abstract. It has an extremely different set of design decisions, which provides it so various than many “mainstream” languages. Civilization who tried utilizing it complain how alien the seems. Since of its complexity, it has actually a steep finding out curve but as with when Ditto provides Transform, it can transform and also learn every other Pokémon’s moves.

Java: Pikachu

Source: tumblr

When you think of Pokémon, Pikachu will more than likely be the an initial thing that comes to your mind. Quickly recognizable, and has continued to be number one throughout the years—just choose Java.

It’s well-loved alright. However despite what that offers, true Pokémon masters recognize that Pikachu’s popular is more likely attributed come the fact that the the franchise’s posterboy, which means it is loved by corporations and therefore gets more exposure.

And at first, it does make sense that one electric-type is strong and the you need to make it as your main Pokémon. Yet as you proceed to battle and also face different species of monsters, you will do it realize it’s no the ideal performing one after all!

JavaScript: Weedle

Source: memes

It’s everywhere! the can obtain annoying because that “advanced” users and also you can try to neglect it, but soon enough you’ll establish it’s quiet pretty advantageous for leveling up. So also though you’re already tired that being surrounded by it every the time, girlfriend might too catch it, and you understand you’re tied to finish up with more experience from it.

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Lisp: Lapras

Source: tumblr

Lapras are well-known as gentle giants. It’s tender soul and also intelligence brings soon a message that Pokémon and people can co-exist without any problems. But because it is tho monstrous, sadly, those that can’t understand it have actually driven it almost to the allude of extinction. Yet a couple of are claimed to still lurk around every as soon as in awhile—still unique and also still compelling.

Matlab: Pidgeotto

Source: Deviantart

It have the right to be exciting to have it at the very beginning together you can gain experience quickly, plus it deserve to be useful for simple battles. As a beginner you enjoy using it, yet you’ll an alert that snobby, an ext experienced users conveniently look previous it. You will do it wonder why at an initial since it’s relatively decent in the best hands. However soon you’ll additionally become a snobby, an ext experienced user and move top top from that without lot hesitation.

Objective-C: Flareon

Source: tumblr

Flareon is one more reliable one that evolved from Eevee (C). However unlike other Eevee-lutions, this one’s nice exclusive. The is a powerful “Flame Pokémon” among only a handful of rather in the category. The points you have the right to do with it can sometimes feeling limited, but wield it to its true potential and you’ll carry out amazing things with it.

PHP: Psyduck

Source: memecenter

It’s bizarre and also hard to handle (probably as result of some API inconsistencies), which method it can be confusing to use—especially for less experienced developers. However as friend delve right into it and also think the headaches obtain too much to handle, it’s only then the you’ll unlock its potent mystical powers. If you deserve to master this complicated monster, then impressive power is her to be commanded.

Python: Dragonite

Source: memegenerator

Dragonite and also Charizard look at pretty comparable on the outside—orange dragons that can both fly. But many take into consideration Dragonite to be more sensible, elegant, classy, and greater level 보다 Charizard. Part even think about it together pseudo-legendary just because of just how awesome the is. But because it is strong, best use it for work at the highest level.

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QCL: Mewtwo

Source: https://kelsbraun.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/7b2.gif

A Psychic-type legend Pokémon is the Pokémon equivalent of the most progressed implemented quantum programming language! it’s high-level and probably too advanced for the continual Joe. The was produced by scientists and its cold, glowing eye strike are afraid into its opponents — and also anyone who can’t understand quantum computing.

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Ruby: Charizard

Source: Deviantart

Scripting languages provide the most high-level programming environment, and also Charizard is pretty high-level if friend ask me. When you first saw it, you need to admit that it looked yes, really cool. For this reason you invested time through it, powered it up, you even used that often during battles. The was every fun, however now that you have more Pokémon, you establish this one can use some advancement and is definitely not together perfect as you thought it was in the beginning.

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You teach me and also I’ll teach you

What programming language did us miss? i m sorry Pokémon would ideal describe her favorite programming language? re-publishing it listed below in the comments section!