Minnesota is renowned for fishers and hunters and also most of the time use knives. The knife laws in this state space a little relaxed. It’s illegal to carry metal knuckles and switchblades, however the rest of the knives are legal.

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Minnesota knife legislations leniently act recreational associated knives. These knives incorporate fishing knives, hunting knives, and buck knives. Some knives room taken as weapons and are prohibited under specific situations.

Open and also conceal lug are enabled regardless that the length of the blade if the one carrying it doesn’t have actually an intent to harm.​



Any knife apart from steel knuckles and switchblades room legal in Minnesota. However carrying it might be complex. Over there are numerous knives which deserve to be bought, owned, given away or sold in Minnesota i beg your pardon include; urgent knives, fixed blades, fishing and also hunting knives, swords and also machetes, throwing velvet or stars, utility knives, and sword-canes.


Metal knuckles room illegal in Minnesota. Steel Knuckles may include those knives v finger rings constructed in.

Section § 609.66 of Minnesota knife legislations states that selling, owning or make a switchblade is misdemeanor crime i m sorry carries a punish which have the right to be a jail term and fines which count on where the violation occurred.

Recreational knives don't usually attract attention indigenous authorities which have the right to make the federal government respond negatively. However, the Minnesota knife laws permit anyone who is terrified by seeing someone transporting a sword, dagger or any other weapon come ask the court come order the one moving the knife to have actually a bond deposit for 6 months and also it assures the actions of the carrier. These legislations don't always get applied since an median passerby is unaware of it.

It’s illegal come carry any type of knife in a college or on a school residential property unless the transport is a armed forces person, peace officer, a armed forces student under maintain and allowed to lug one or if a school enables a knife or gun present to be held on the institution premises.

Length Limit

Minnesota knife legislations don't restrict the size of the knife blade. The knife laws in this state rely on the location of carrying and the technique of opening.

Concealed Carry

Any knife the is legal come own deserve to be brought concealed or openly. But because preemption law isn’t there, local communities may enact really strict ordinances that may prohibit concealed lug which is allowed by the regulation in Minnesota.

Other Knife laws in Minnesota

The knife legislations in Minnesota permit for moving of any legal knife of any blade length apart native those stipulated. However, this doesn’t constantly apply to separation, personal, instance municipalities. For instance St. Paul and Minneapolis have actually almost similar ordinances, and also both explain strict transporting rules than those of the state.

The Minneapolis knife law states that any type of knife which has a tongue of over 4” in length is taken into consideration a weapon and thus can not be brought concealed or openly in ~ the city. However, it may be brought when inside a locked crate or situation during transportation. Woodbury, MN prohibits carrying of any type of knife with chisels length of over 3” in public.

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When the Minnesota knife regulation is simplified, then it means you can own any knife personal from metal knuckles and also switchblades. You can additionally carry the knives you own concealed or open when you nothing have any type of intent to injury someone.