Your Elbows

The elbow consists of a joint in between the arm bone, referred to as the humerus and two forearm bones. The forearm skeleton are referred to as the radius, which is top top the ignorance side, and also the other is the ulna, i beg your pardon is on the little-finger next of the forearm.

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The prominent component of the ulna, in ~ the tip of the elbow, is dubbed the olecranon. The elbow have the right to bend (flex) and straighten (extend), yet the joint between the top of the radius and the ulna called the proximal radioulnar joint is additionally involved in forearm rotation. There space supporting structures about the elbow consisting of the capsule, i m sorry is favor a thin ligament around the elbow and also larger separation, personal, instance ligaments.

The elbow is moved by muscles that cross the joint, plenty of of which space attached via their tendons close come the elbow, such as the biceps and also triceps tendons. There are also muscles managing wrist and also finger motion, who tendons affix into the bone around the elbow. Some attach into the influential bony locations on the inner (medial) and also outer (lateral) aspect of the humerus, just over the elbow (epicondyles).


There room muscles in her forearm responsible because that bending ago (extending) your wrist and also straightening (extending) her fingers. This extensor muscles attach to a bump of bone on the exterior of her elbow referred to as the lateral epicondyle. The muscle that do the opposite movements (flexion) room attached into the medial epicondyle which is ~ above the inside of her elbow.

Some major nerves and also blood ship pass v the elbow. The ulnar nerve lies just behind the medial epicondyle, in between the epicondyle and also olecranon. The ulnar nerve is responsible because that sensation come the tiny finger and little finger aspect of the ring finger, and also the strength of some of the muscle in the hand and forearm. The median nerve passes v the front of her elbow and is responsible for sensation in her thumb, index, middle and inner half of the ring finger, and also for powering many of the muscle in her forearm which make some aspects of your wrist and also fingers work.

The radial nerve spirals native the ago of the arm via the external side of the elbow right into the forearm ~ above the external front, and gives power to part forearm muscles which straighten her wrist and also fingers, and to one area of emotion on the earlier of your hand near your ignorance base. The brachial artery is the key artery come the forearm and hand and passes v the front of the elbow close to the average nerve.

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Injury or compression that the above nerves and also blood vessel can significantly, and often permanently, influence the role of your hand and forearm.