It is daunting to uncover a shell so rich in symbolism as the sand dollar. As soon as I was a girl, I witnessed my an initial sand dissension – i m sorry I later learned was called the an essential hole sand dollar – and also my uncle, a priest, explained to me exactly how it stood for the story that the Birth, Crucifixion and Resurrection that Our lord Jesus Christ. I never forgot the lesson of exactly how to check out God in clearly shows Creation.

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The sand dollar - prior above, and earlier below


The sand dollar is flat-looking burrowing sea urchin belonging to the bespeak Clypeasteroida. It lives on the floor of shallow sandy waters along the coastlines of ocean waters in the northern Hemisphere. The mollusks space washed up on Oregon coastline beaches regularly. ~ the urchin is washed up on the beach and also bleached by the sun, it looks choose a large silver coin, such together the old Spanish or American dollar. Ergo, its basic American name. In other areas it is recognized as the sea biscuit or pansy shell.It was not long, however, before a legend wealthy in Catholic symbolism developed around the poorly called sand dollar. This was the story mine uncle told me:On the top part of the shell you can plainly see in the facility a star, which to represent the Star the Bethlehem that led the Wise males to the manger once Christ was born. About it is the rundown of the Easter lily, a sign of our Lord’s Resurrection.At the edge of the star are four holes and in the center one more one. This remind us of the 4 Sacred Wounds the Our mr on His Hands and Feet that He bore after being nailed to the Cross. A center hole, the fifth, represents the pierce Wound come His spiritual Heart make by the spear the Longinus.If you rotate the sand dissension over, friend will uncover an rundown of the Poinsetta, the Christmas flower.

The sand dollar always has five doves inside

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Finally, if you break open the sand dollar, 5 "doves" emerge – the doves of the Peace and Joy the Christmas. There are always five doves every time you open one. Plenty of poems have actually been written around the legend the the sand dollar. This one, writer unknown, is my favorite:The legend that the Sand dollarThat ns would choose to tellOf the birth and also death of Jesus ChristFound in this lowly shell.If friend will examine closely, You"ll watch that you find hereFour pond holes and also a fifth oneMade through a Roman"s spear.On one next the Easter Lily,It"s center is the starThat appeared unto the shepherdsAnd led them from afar.The Christmas PoinsettiaEtched ~ above the other sideReminds united state of His birthday,Our joyous Christmas tide.Now break the facility openAnd right here you will certainly releaseThe five white doves awaitingTo spread an excellent will and also peace.This straightforward little symbol,Christ left for you and me.To assist to spread His MessageThrough every eternity.