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The first song created consciously together a single, is a tribute come Elton"s friend Billy Jean King and also her tennis team, the Philadelphia Freedoms. Elton had told she he would have actually Bernie write lyrics for her, capting the idea the winning regardless of all odds, and also she believed "No way!". Elton, who met Billy Jean and Jimmy Connors in 1973, had been allowed to play against her on court and also the song should be in return for that.But he did it and asked to Bernie. "I claimed to Bernie: can you create a song referred to as Philadelphia liberty for me? say thanks to you, Elton". "I can"t write a song around tennis" protested Bernie. And also he go it. "It"s not precisely the simplest title to transaction with" added Bernie. Bernie claims that lyrics average nothing.Billy Jean described "Elton to be so nervous when he beat me the song, yet I loved it... It was so thoughtful, it intended a lot".The friendship reminds end the years. "I to win Billy Jean at tennis once" Elton recalled.

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"I to be standing there in a type of daze as soon as she come up and said: Shall we play for real now?. And I thought: oh, close up door up!"Philadelphia Freedom"s lyrics:Music by Elton JohnLyrics by Bernie Taupin"I used to be a rojo stoneYou understand if a reason was rightI"d leave to find the answer on the roadI offered to it is in a love beating because that someoneBut the times have changedThe less I say the an ext my job-related gets done`Cause i live and breathe this Philadelphia freedomFrom the job that i was born I"ve waved the flagPhiladelphia freedom took me knee-high come a manYeah provided me peace of mine mind daddy never hadOh Philadelphia flexibility shine top top me, ns love youShine a light through the eyes of the persons left behindShine a light shine the lightShine a irradiate won"t girlfriend shine the lightPhiladelphia liberty I love you, yes i doIf you pick to you have the right to live your life aloneSome people choose the citySome others select the great old household homeI prefer living straightforward without household tiesTill the whippoorwill of flexibility zapped meRight between the eyes"