In scientific research classes, and also anywhere external of the unified States, we measure length with themetric system.

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The most usual units that we use to measure length in this system are themillimeter,centimeter,meter, andkilometer. This concept will give you an introduction of every measurement unit. Let’s take it a look at each.MillimeterThemillimeteris the smallest generally used unit in the metric system. When we measure up something in millimeters, we usemmas one abbreviation because that millimeter. A millimeter would certainly be used to measure something the is an extremely small, choose a seed.CentimeterThecentimeteris the following smallest unit that measurement. To abbreviate centimeters we writecm(for example, 3 cm). Centimeters are also smaller 보다 inches. One centimeter is just the width of a staple. This ruler reflects centimeters ~ above the bottom and also inches top top the top. (Inches are not metric therefore we will not use them in science.

We have the right to use a ruler to measure up centimeters and also millimeters. On plenty of rulers, we deserve to see both the customary systems of measurement and the metric systems of measurement.You have the right to see inches, centimeters and also millimeters on this ruler.What around when we need to measure something that is longer than a ruler?When we space measuring something that is much longer it no make feeling to use centimeters or millimeters. We could use them, but it would certainly take a really long time come count all of those centimeters or millimeters.Instead, we deserve to use two larger units the measurement. We have the right to use themeterand thekilometer.MetersThe next metric unit we use is the meter. To abbreviate the meter we writem(for example, 8 m). A meter is longer than a foot. Actually, a meter is just about the same size as a yard. One meter is approximately the size from your foot to her hip.It in reality takes 100 centimeters to equal one meter. We usage meters to measure up bigger objects or longer distances, such together the depth of a swimming pool or length of a hallway. We might use a meter pole to measure meters.A meter rod is exactly one meter long.This is a bit complicated, however, when things or street is several meters long. We have to make a note on the object gift measured at the end of the meter stick, then move the meter pole down and make an additional mark to present the following meter.It is simpler to usage a tape measure.Tape actions often show customary units (feet and inches) under one side and also metric devices (centimeters and meters) under the other.What around when we want to measure up much longer distances and also it no make feeling to usage meters?That is once we use kilometers.KilometersKilometers are very long. Come abbreviate words kilometer us writekm(for example, 12 km). Like miles, we usage kilometers come measure lengthy distances, such together the distance from your residence to the keep or from one town to another. Kilometers are just a little much more than 1/2 as lengthy as miles, yet they are much much longer than meters. In fact, there space 1,000 meters in a kilometer!All that the above measurements space for LENGTH. You might an alert that they each contain the word "meter" that is because length is measured in meters. You can also use the metric mechanism when measuring massive or volume. Massive is measure up ingramswhile volume is measured inliters. The prefixes we provided for length can additionally be applied to mass and also volume measurements.If one centimeter is 1/100th that a meter, climate one centigram is 1/100th the a gram. The prefix speak you how many of the main measurement you have. Kilo = thousand, for this reason a kilogram is going to it is in 1000 grams if a kilometre is going to it is in 1000 meters and also a kiloliter is walking to it is in 1000 liters. See just how it works?Below is a table that mirrors the relationship between the prefixes.

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Converting between metric devices is pretty easy once you have actually some practice. Below is a video clip you have the right to watch to help you learn some methods for converting.