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tiny Explorers picture Dictionary betterworld2016.orgShort E Alphabet ActivitiesActivities and Printouts Click below forK-3 ThemesShort E indigenous Printouts:"Short E" WordsPicture dictionary PageA web page of indigenous that start with the short E sound - in snapshot dictionary format.Match "Short E" WordsMatch 10 words that have actually the short E sound. The words room leg, ten, hen, web, lemon, pen, vest, nest, jet, net. Or go to the answers. Circle indigenous that have actually a brief "E" SoundCircle 10 words that have actually a brief E sound. The words room ten, pen, jet, web, nest, net, pencil, envelope, leg, vest. Or go to the answers.Short E word WheelMake a wheel about the indigenous containing a quick "e" sound making use of this 2-page print-out; it consists of a base page along with a wheel that spins around. When you spin the wheel, native containing a quick "e" sound appear, consisting of jet, leg, web, ten, net, sled, vest, egg, bed, men, nest, and hen. The college student then writes down the words.

Short E Phonics Worksheet: Multiple selection Each picture has 3 words that describe it. Pick the native that has a brief "e" sound. The short "e" sound is the vowel sound in ever, bell, and also pet. Or walk to the answers.Write Eight indigenous That have a short E soundFind and also write indigenous that have a brief E sound. Sample answers: when, led, pest, mend, kept, belt, went, melt.Circle the exactly Spelling of quick E WordsCircle the exactly spelling the the native that have actually a quick e sound, and then color the snapshot of the word. The words space hen, leg, web, pen, lemon, men, jet, net, vest, nest.Short E Spelling native QuestionsUse the list of "short e" order words to answer simple questions. Words: bed, desk, egg, fence, legs, met, test, ten, wet, web. Or go to the answers. Missing Letters in Words with a quick E SoundFind the absent letters in brief E words, and then color the snapshot of the word. The words space leg, web, pen, hen, lemon, nest, jet, net, vest, ten. Reverse Words with a brief E SoundUnscramble the short E words, and also then shade the photo of the words. The words room leg, web, net, ten, elk, nest, jet, belt, sled, men.Words That begin With the Letter EA Printable task BookA tiny, printable publication about an easy words that start with E (short e) -- for beforehand readers and writers. The publication has 2 pages to print and makes 8 pages because that the college student to cut out, color, and write in.

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The indigenous are: egg, elk, elm, earth, elephant, elbow, and "What rather starts with e? Alphabet Activities: A B C D E F G H ns J K together M N O p Q R S T U V W X Y Z long A quick A lengthy E short E long I brief I lengthy O quick O lengthy U quick UClick below for K-3 ThemesAll ThemesAnimalsFoodPeoplePlantsSportsTime and CalendarHolidays A B C D E F G H ns J K l M N O p Q R ST U V W X Y Z A, lengthy A, short AAll around MeAlligators, CrocodilesAlphabet, LettersAnimalsApplesApril Fool"s DayArbor DayASLAstronomyBBalloonsBaseballBatsBeachBearsBedtimeBeesBirdsBirthdayBlendsBoatsBodyBones, SkeletonsButterfliesCCalendarsCampingCanada DayCategorizingCatsChickensChinaChinese new YearChristmasCinco de MayoCircusClassifyingClothingColorsColumbus DayCommunity HelpersCompare and ContrastComputer TermsContainersCowsDDay that the DeadDinosaursDogsDolch WordsDolphinsDragonsDrawingDucksDutch LanguageE, long E, short EEarth DayEasterEggsElectionsElephantsEmancipation DayEmotionsEnergyFFact or OpinionFallFamilyFarmFather"s DayFavoritesFeelingsFiretrucks, FirefightersFishFlag DayFlowersFollow InstructionsFoodFrench LanguageFriendsFrogsFruit, VegetablesFurnitureGGeographyGerman LanguageGiraffesGrandparent"s DayGroundhog DayHHalloweenHanukkahHappinessHebrewHolidaysHomes/DwellingsHorsesHuman BodyHundred work of SchoolI, lengthy I, quick IIce CreamIndependence DayInsectsIn The SkyItalian LanguageJJapanJobsJuly 4thJuneteenthKKangarooKings, Queens, CastlesKoalasKwanzaaLLabor DayLadybugsLeafLeft and also RightLetters the the AlphabetMMammalsMartin Luther King DayMemorial DayMice and RatsMilitaryMoneyMonkeysMoonMother"s DayMusicNNamesNewspaperNew Year"s DayNumbersO, lengthy O, brief OOceans/SeasOccupationsOne hundreds Days of SchoolOppositesOwlsPPandasPenguinsPeople and CommunityPetsPigsPiratePizzaPlantsPortuguesePresident"s DayPumpkinsQRRabbitsRainbowReindeerRight and LeftRobotsRocksRodeoRussiaSScarecrowsSchoolSeasonsSensesSeussSewingShapesSharksIn The SkySnowSortingSpanish LanguageSpellingSpidersSportsSpringStarsStoriesSt. Patrick"s DaySummerSunSwedish LanguageSymbolsSymmetrySynonymsTTeethThanksgivingTimeToolsToysTransportationTravel & VacationTreesTurkeysU, lengthy U, quick UVVacationValentine"s DayVehiclesVeteran"s DayWWaterWeatherWhales, DolphinsWinterWitches, MagicXYZEnchanted Learning®Over 35,000 web PagesSample Pages for Prospective Subscribers, or click below

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