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Louis Lowry, known for books like Number the StarsThe Anastasia Krupnik Series, and The silent Boy, reached she peak when she created 1993’s The Giver. Lowry wrote about 12-year-old Jonas, who was preferred to get memories of his society’s past from the giver, Jeff Bridges. Back in today’s film sector we’re plagued by dystopia mania within series’ like DivergentThe Maze Runner, and The Hunger Games; Lowry’s four-book series was different from all the others. This dystopian films include violence towards the government, including overthrowing leaders, acquisition over land, and also bombing vital buildings. She was able to tell a story of a government keeping humanity bottled increase in one man, the giver, and also how dangerous and cruel this burden have the right to be. I believe the 2014 film’s absence of violence and blockbuster-esque appeal killed the film before it was even released, although it no the film’s fault that it no continue. 

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Violence is a fantasy many of united state crave to live i beg your pardon is why many video clip games, like The grand Theft Auto Series, are popular. The Giver Series wasn’t written with violence in mind. I’m sure due to the fact that the series was produced younger audiences and because of this, it can be one of the factors why the film endured at the box office. The Giver barely make back half its budget of $25 million at the box office, with only making a little over $12 million. In various other words, this was a major flop through audiences.

At the end of the film, Jonas is checked out holding Gabriel in a snowy forest, watching a surrounding house decorated through Christmas decorations. For those who haven’t read the series, Jonas comes earlier into the story v the 4th novel, Son, which focuses ~ above Claire, Gabriel’s mother. However much happens in-between publications two, Gathering Blue and three, Messenger; the latter I take into consideration to it is in the finest novel that the quartet. Jonas’ town recognized as “The Community” transforms out to be simply one of plenty of other areas in the series; with Gathering Blue focusing ~ above Kira, a young girl with an impaired leg and also the capacity to dye colors into the towel for her community except because that blue.


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Again, we’re challenged with inquiries the elders and also higher-up power structure refuse to answer in the series repeatedly. Together Kira survives in a community of poverty and also is left to die after her mother dies, us realize Lowry is not only talking about conformity through the risks of elevation thought, but also the importance of class hierarchy. In the novels, the character’s precious is measure up by whereby they was standing on the course pedestal. It’s feasible the quartet have the right to be called “anti-government” propaganda and could it is in the reason why it’s thought about a banned book on numerous occasions. Lowry portrays the federal government as controlling and tyrannical. An instance is presented in the an initial novel and also film v Jonas’ father injecting “broken” babies with a deadly serum. That not uncommon for writer to write with underlying themes and anti-government is just one of the earliest tricks in the book. However the writer weaves in more than one or 2 morals. Lowry discusses what it method to be disabled and treated much less than, in addition to being treated together a statistic much more than a person being. 

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After Kira is conserved in Messenger by girlfriend Matty, described as “Matt” in Gathering Blue, readers have the right to justify the actions of Jonas, Kira, and Matty. Us have personalities willing to dice for your community, also enemies, come learn around life and experiences outside their own. Jonas to be the very first to attempt this and succeeded after getting here at a mysterious residence via sled while transferring Gabriel. Thus, ending the film and also leaving the viewers ~ above a cliffhanger. Only this time, us don’t gain an ending, not even a sequel. Don’t begin something revolutionary if you don’t intend to finish it.

Another reason the collection may no have ongoing was due to the fact that of a lack of grounding v protagonists. Throughout the novels, readers are presented to five main protagonists: Jonas, Kira, Matt, Claire, and Gabriel. Unequal the famous series’ that precedes it, favor the ones mentioned earlier, Lowry’s quartet want readers come learn around the worry of dystopia from all angles: poor, rich, girl, boy, old, and young. The Giver was not around feminism, federal government exploitation, or also injustice but around what it way to be human. No one of the protagonists seek to damage anyone or challenge foes however to realize who they room under an opening environment. Angry emotion and learning an overwhelming lessons space the relatable tendencies Lowry supplies to empower her readers, and The Giver Series demonstrates this.