1 : to create on an envelope, package, letter, etc., the name and attend to of the person or company it is being sent to I"ve addressed the letter, yet it still requirements a stamp. The parcel is sealed; it just needs to be addressed. See much more ExamplesWe spent the afternoon addressing invitations to every our friends. The letter to be returned due to the fact that it had been addressed incorrectly.Hide

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2 : to speak come (a person or group) She ignored many of the civilization at the table, addressing only the guy who was sitting beside her. One of the characters addresses the audience directly throughout the play.
b : to resolve : treat … intrigued by the opportunity to attend to important worries …— I. L. Horowitz
b : to speak or write directly to especially : to deliver a formal decided to The president will resolve the nation by television.
6 : to identify (something, such together a computer system peripheral or storage location) by an resolve or a name for details transfer
ad·​dress | ə-ˈdres
, for senses 1, 2, & 3 additionally ˈa-ˌdres
1a : a place where a human or organization may be interacted with asked for her name, address, and also phone number
b : directions for delivery on the exterior of things (such together a letter or package) an envelope through an illegible address
c : the designation of ar of distribution placed between the heading and also salutation on a service letter
b : a collection of commonly alphanumeric personalities that specifies the storage place (as on a network or in a computer"s memory) of particular information one Internet address A distinct number called an IP deal with identifies every computer system that"s linked to the Internet. An IP resolve looks something choose this: Every of the four parts of an IP attend to can have actually from one to 3 digits.— Kim Komando
3 : a formal interaction specifically : a ready speech ceded to a distinct audience or on a unique occasion Lincoln"s Gettysburg Address
4 : dutiful and also courteous attention especially in courtship —usually offered in many She spurned his addresses."Here is a young man wishing to salary his addresses to you, with everything to recommend him."— jane Austen
5a : readiness and ability for dealing (as through a person or problem) skillfully and smoothly : adroitness

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