What carry out you speak to someone who is being mentored? Is it mentoree or mentee? does the hatchet student or pupil suggest a context exterior the service environment?



I think you might be in search of protege:

protege — a human who receives support and protection native an influential patron who furthers the protege"s career


Some businesses carry out less competent staff with mentors. I have heard the mentors refer to their "mentees". Wikipedia claims this is a current term.


There"s nothing at every wrong with mentoree, as these 1270 composed instances in Google publications show. The reality that most dictionaries don"t explicitly list this particular inflection that mentor is the no consequence - it"s offered often enough already, and will constantly be interpreted even at very first sight.

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Mentee also occurs quite frequently in written type - yet I need to say ns don"t prefer that version, and it seems to me the won"t constantly be so easily understood. Bearing in mind the what a mentor does is mentoring, not menting, i think it"s a badly-formed coinage anyway.

I would certainly also suggest out the to mentor together a verb type barely existed prior to the last couple of decades, so it"s solid surprising an ext exotic inflections still encounter part resistance. However I"ve no doubt the erroneous mentee will die off, and "regular" mentoree will soon be firmly established.

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EDIT: mine Chambers dictionary 1983 has actually only the quick entry "a way counsellor" because that mentor. The recent 2011 execution is lot expanded, totally describing the "office mentor" role, and noting its usage as a verb. Ns don"t have the 2 intermediate editions come hand, to say when the verb usage was first noted. The suggest is, we"re looking at rapidly transforming language here; dictionaries may not always keep up.

I likewise tip my hat to
horatio for stating that due to the fact that the word originates from Mentor, counsellor come Homer"s Odysseus (later, tutor to his son), may be OP"s prize is Odysseus (or Telemachus)