“Old Glory, Stars and also Stripes, the Star Spangled Banner” - from its inception, the American flag has been critical part of ours nation’s history. Making it through over 200 years, the flag has both physically and also symbolically grown and developed in time of both success and crisis. The American flag is a symbol well-known worldwide. It has actually been the inspiration for holidays, songs, poems, books, artwork and also so much more. The flag has been used to display our nationalism, and our rebellion, and everything rather in between. The flag is so important that its history tells the story the America itself. It represents the freedom, dignity, and true an interpretation of being an American. It has been through us v our war times, our sad times, but likewise in times of our biggest joys and also triumphs. The flag go through countless variations before ending up being the flag us all know and also love. In fact, it take it from January 1, 1776 to respectable 21, 1960. The has likewise been shrouded in legend and secret for countless years. Did Betsy Ross truly design the first flag? do the color really stand for other significant? us will explore this and also other myths. Hello, I’m terrycloth Ruggles, join me together we recount the background of the American Flag. When we think that the American Revolution, we think of that in regards to its final form, as independence from Britain, however the American transformation was a “work in progress”. The did not begin out together a activity for independence, however a movement to get seats in Parliament. It developed from a protest, to a full blown transformation into a move for independence…and our flag reflect the miscellaneous stages the this. For this reason let’s take it a look at the components that consist of our present US Flag. We have actually what’s well-known as the canton or blue field, the stars, and also of course, the stripes. So where did this designs come from? The earliest usage of stripes in flags in what to be to end up being America is native the “Sons that Liberty” Flag. The Son’s of Liberty to be the original “Tea Party” members; These space the men that threw the chests of tea overboard into the Boston Harbour. Starting after the rubber stamp act in 1765. The young of Liberty started their protesting. They come up v a flag that looked comparable to this just with less stripes. The pattern but was the same and it might be shown either horizontally or vertically. This may have actually been the pattern that contributed for the stripes on our flag. In 1775, in ~ the start of the Revolution, Independence had not however been declared. The continental Congress was meeting in Philadelphia when a rather obscure militia Colonel native Virginia come forward in his uniform and volunteered to take command of the troops outside of Boston overlooking Boston Heights. That Colonel was George Washington. As soon as he left Philadelphia, that took through him two flags. The cool Union or The continent as it was called was the first flag under which continental soldiers fought. It uses the alternate red and white strip pattern similar to the sons of Liberty Flag just there are 13 stripes signifying the 13 colonies. However, notice that rather of stars ~ above a blue field, we have actually the “Kings Colors” additionally known as the “Union Jack”. This flag had a very details meaning. It intended that us were fighting as 13 united colonies however under british Rule. Remember, currently we had actually not yet asserted our Independence. The various other flag that Washington took v him is well-known as the Washington’s Headquarters Flag. Watch familiar? as you can see, the entire field is BLUE. There room 13 stars i ordered it in a pattern known as the 3-2-3-2-3 pattern. 5 rows of alternating stars of 3 stars, 2 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, 3 stars.However, you will certainly also notification that they space 6 pointed stars.A slight difference from the 5 spicy star on the current flag.This would be the an initial use the the star pattern on an American flag and today you have the right to see a copy that this flag hanging in front of Washington’s Headquarters at valley Forge. A year later, ~ above July 4, 1776, congress declared its freedom from an excellent Britain. From that minute on, we were fighting because that our independence. Yet the continent congress quiet did not architecture a new American flag. The flag came around on June 14, 1777 once congress happen the first of three significant flag action . The an initial act declared that “the flag of the us shall consists 13 alternate stripes that red on white v 13 white stars on a blue ar forming a new constellation.What the left the end was the following:

Were those stripes to be vertical or horizontal?Where was the blue ar to be placed?What was the star sample to be used?And how plenty of points to be to be on the star?

So who designed the flag? In 1776 you couldn’t go into a store and buy a flag off the rack. Back then, flags to be made in one of two ways. Because most Flags had actually a navy use, you can go come a pearls chandlery - a store that outfitted pearl - and also the chandler would certainly contract through a sail maker or in many situations an upholsterer to do the flag. One upholster in early american times had more functions the what we commonly think of today. Besides working on furniture, they likewise made flags and other army equipment. This is whereby the legend of Betsy Ross comes in come play. We understand that Betsy Ross was an upholsterer who made flags for the Pennsylvania Navy. What we don’t understand is did she really architecture the first flag? there is a good deal of controversy about this. In 1870, Betty Ross’ Grandson to be addressing an Historic culture in Philadelphia and also said that his grandmother said him the she met with George Washington and also others and also she draft the flag. But did she design it or walk Francis Hopkinson design it? Francis Hopkinson was among the signers that the declaration of independence from the state of brand-new Jersey. The only proof of that made the flag is a bill that was submitted to conference by Francis Hopkinson that stated for making the flag, you owe me two casks that ale. What we don’t have actually is a snapshot of that flag, a written summary of the flag, or also a lay out of the flag. So, the secret remains.

Regardless of these facts, the legend resides on and also the very first flag the the Revolutionary period is referred to as “The Betsy Ross” flag…the sample of stars ~ above the blue field is well-known by 3 names, The Betsy Ross Pattern, The Philadelphia Pattern, or The solitary Wreath Pattern. The blue field on the flag additionally goes by three names - the field, the union, or the canton. Due to the fact that congress did not set the specifically, of wherein the ar would be or exactly how the star pattern have to look like, or how plenty of points the star would certainly have, during this period, and up until 1912, the stars might be i ordered it in any manner that a flag an equipment would choose. As soon as congress put together the concept of the flag, they combined the already established design of alternate stripes that red top top white signifying the united colonies and a blue field with 13 stars (just choose the Washington’s Headquarters flag). Plenty of people believe this may have been the flag that Francis Hopkins designed, but once again this is just speculation. This sample is known as the Cowpens pattern. Another well-known flag during this time was the Easton Flag. Interesting style right? but remember, conference did no specify where all of the aspects should be placed. ~ the Revolutionary war ended, our nation wrights a brand-new constitution. We elect Geo Washington president and in 1792 we lug in two new states – Vermont and Kentucky. This begs the question, what do we do with the flag? due to the fact that the original flag act referred to as for 13 stripes and 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies, what carry out we do to denote the adding of two brand-new states to the Union? in ~ this time, Congress passes the 2nd flag act and it states that from now on we would include one stripe and also one star because that each brand-new state. This new 15 star and 15 stripe flag is well-known as The Star Spangled Banner. The is this flag that flew over fort McHenry and inspired Francis Scott key to create our nationwide anthem. After the battle of 1812 we were adding an ext states again and as us incorporated much more stars and also stripes right into the design, ours flag was starting to watch a small funny. Therefore in 1818, conference passed the 3rd of the three significant flag acts. It proclaimed that the design was to go back to the original configuration the 13 alternate stripes that red top top white, representing the 13 original colonies, but that we would include one star because that each brand-new state. However, once again, it did not specify what pattern the stars must be arranged in or the lot of points that were to be on the star. So we had plenty of variations of flag style during this time. Finally, in 1912 president Taft established the sample of stars the we know today. The 48 star, 49 star and 50 star flag every conform to this pattern. Ours flag is an motivating symbol that unites united state all together American citizens. The unique history of the American flag adheres to the background of our country and also reminds us of the triumphant beginning of the united States. The 13 stripes: a price of the an initial 13 colonies. The stars: a price of our country"s 50 unified States. Together our nation grew and developed, for this reason did our flag. It has adhered to the fate of the nation itself and, in the future, our flag may even change again. Today, our flag stays a colorful symbol that the American principles of democracy, justice, and also freedom, and of food the everlasting storage of those who have sacrificed their resides defending this intrinsic principles of the United claims of America.

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End two century ago, the 2nd Continental conference officially made the Stars and Stripes the prize of America, going so far regarding declare the the 13 stars gracing the original flag stood for "a new constellation" with the best that America embodied a bright new hope and light because that mankind. Today, our flag continues to carry the inspirational and an essential convictions that our great nation, and will proceed to perform so for plenty of years to come.