How walk Opie from The Andy Griffith present get his name? here are 2 theories on which real-life civilization Opie was named after.

Opie Taylor, played by Ron Howard, ~ above The Andy Griffith Show to be America’s favorite redheaded child actor. Pan of the show all wished they might live in the city of Mayberry and also befriend Opie and also his father Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Unfortunately, the show was simply that – a fictitious show. Nevertheless, the town and some of its personalities may have actually been based upon real-life places and also people, including Opie. Certainly, “Opie” is a distinctive name. And also although you more than likely haven’t met a entirety lot that Opies, The Andy Griffith Show character no the only one to ever before exist. In fact, there room two men, additionally named Opie, that fans think Ron Howard‘s character may have actually been called after.

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First, there’s Opal “Opie” Taft Cates. Cates was a famous bandleader and actor who play the clarinet for a swing tape in Arkansas. Cates starred on the radio regimen Meet Me at Parky’s i beg your pardon was set in a restaurant and aired indigenous 1945–48. Sheldon Leonard, who created The Andy Griffith Show, was additionally an actor on the present with Cates. Some think Leonard argued Opie because that Ron Howard’s character after befriending Cates.

However, yes sir a second theory regarding how Opie acquired his name. Throughout an interview, Opie Shelton, a childhood friend of Andy Griffith, claimed that Opie was called after him. Maybe the motivation behind the name was a mix of both?

Did You recognize That Opie native The Andy Griffith Show can Be a Viking?

Opie wasn’t recognized for his aggressive nature. In fact, even when his father assumed Opie was naive or up to no good, he constantly quickly found that Opie was both generous and kindhearted.

During one episode, Opie accidentally eliminated a mommy bird v his slingshot. Andy sat Opie down and talked come him around the mommy bird’s 3 baby birdies that were left without a mother. Andy also opened the home window so that Opie might hear the orphaned birds’ small chirps. Emotion terrible, Opie decided to nurse the infant birds till they were old and healthy enough to fly out on your own. Those sweeter than that?

It’s tough to believe that together a sweet kid can have some Viking blood in him. Yes, we recognize Opie a fictitious character, so technically that’s no possible. Nevertheless, the surname “Opie” actually comes from the Viking Ages.

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A reporter once traced the etymology the the surname Opie. Turns out the “Opie” have the right to be traced back to the old Viking surname “Asbjorn” which expected “God bear.” The nickname the Asbjorn developed from “Asbie” come “Obby” come “Oppy” come “Opie.” Opie might mean “Son of Asbjorn.” What would Mayberry residents say if lock knew they have a Viking in their town?