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‘The backless gown was flattering; she was not a really voluptuous woman, but she was certainly not shapeless either.’
‘He likes the fleshy folds in a voluptuous woman"s body.’‘If you are expecting voluptuous women, cascading flesh, and all the overabundance of full-blown Baroque painting, you will be disappointed.’‘The taste in my neighbourhood to be for voluptuous women.’‘At that time many artists in Indonesia tho painted pretty pictures of volcanoes and voluptuous women.’‘It is partly in reaction come this trend that my friend and I are currently celebrating the return that the voluptuous female.’‘Plus, having hundreds the voluptuous females on their side would certainly make it straightforward to recruit much more men.’‘She wandered out of the small washroom only to run into a quite voluptuous mrs wearing flaring robes of red and black.’‘But at the exact same time you had actually these fantastic, voluptuous women everywhere.’‘He was to it is in wed to a beautiful voluptuous woman that was fresh, young, and full that life.’‘She was voluptuous and beautiful and blonde - a really appealing woman.’‘Just a few years from she death, she"s unbelievably voluptuous, which just makes you feeling sorry for every the stick people currently embodying ours culture"s appropriate of beauty.’‘They are self-described voluptuous babes with full confidence in the sexiness of their forms.’‘She wasn"t tall, she wasn"t voluptuous, she wasn"t provocative.’‘Her lengthy legs and voluptuous human body attracted all the males in she school.’‘You don"t have to have the so-called ‘perfect’ human body to be voluptuous and sexy.’‘She wasn"t very tall and also looking at her voluptuous body and also curvy number I certainly would have actually guessed she to it is in older then a high school student.’‘His co-star is a voluptuous, dark-haired young woman through cinnamon skin wearing a negligee.’‘I"m perfectly happy with the voluptuous curves of the woman ns love.’

2Relating come or characterized by deluxe or sensual pleasure.

‘long curtains in voluptuous crimson velvet’
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‘We often describe the sensuality the cuisine together luscious, voluptuous, decadently indulgent, luxurious, hedonistic.’‘It was one of these key that are a tasting food selection in and of themselves, giving you the sensory pleasures the a voluptuous feast - only in tiny, controllable portions.’‘This ‘boyish’ and youthful ideal reigned throughout the 1920s, flourished by a sensual and also voluptuous ideal in the 1930s.’‘Hedonistic, self-indulgent, voluptuous societies succumb to their enemies and also go under.’‘The Chinese-style dresses, skirts and also tops come in shimmering silk and voluptuous velvet from his suppliers in China.’‘He has functioned on the theme due to the fact that the early on 1990s: from little buns come voluptuous ones, indigenous the ordinary to the sensual, working with miscellaneous materials.’‘So us stirred in a voluptuous, decadent rum fudge.’‘Embrace the velvety, voluptuous bouquet, infused through Rose, Jasmine, Lily and also Ylang Ylang, warmed by gold woods and Vanilla.’