The name Niger occurs only once in the Bible, namely together either the lock or the epithet of Simeon that Antioch (Acts 13:1). And also even though Simeon Niger is mentioned among Biblical light such as Paul, Barnabas and even Manaen, nothing more is known around this man.

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The surname Niger is obviously the very same as the Latin indigenous niger, meaning black, but despite the certainty of some Biblical commentaries, this surname does no at all check that Simeon was a black (which is the exact same word).

In the very first century AD, the Levant and also southern Anatolia (modern Turkey, whereby Antioch to be situated) to be a thoroughly worldwide affair (Acts 2:9-11), and it"s there is no doubt that black Africans were climate as usual as now. However, if there was a cultural stereotype around black human being (which is probable) it was most likely based upon the huge wealth of old African nations. The official of Candace that Nubia, whom Philip met ~ above the roadway from Jerusalem to Gaza (Acts 8:27), was most most likely black and most more than likely loaded — scrolls were very expensive and Isaiah was probably the biggest and also dearest one available (and the main was obviously not sitting alone in a buggy, together per renowned image, yet travelled through a an extensive envoy and hefty security).

Jewish areas had been usual all end the Nile area from the time of David on, for this reason it would certainly not at every be a striking simultaneously to discover a black male named Simeon in Antioch. But perhaps Simeon was not dubbed The Negro since of his skin tone, yet rather due to the fact that he owned fifty percent the town. If this was indeed the case, Simeon The black of Antioch would probably have actually been dubbed Simeon The Arab in Chicago.

🔼The name Niger in Rome

The Latin word niger did not only define a to mark physical function (the indigenous "negro", albeit rather politically untrue in part cultures, is on an exact par v descriptive words prefer "red-head" or "big guy") but also described a glum mood, a sullen personality or poor luck. An ext importantly: the personified death. That the scorching south wind dubbed Auster that was said that she "blackened," and details poison receptacles where described as "black cups".

The Stoic author Seneca the Younger also referred to Pluto, the god of Hades, together the "black Jupiter" (Hercules Oetaeus.1705), i beg your pardon is double cute since even though some scholars doubt the Seneca composed Hercules Oetaeus, Seneca"s elder brother Lucius Gallio, that interrogated Paul (Acts 18:12), had the same first name as the other an enig man named among the Antiochian teachers.

Even an ext striking is the beginning of the surname Pluto (Πλουτων, Plouton), i m sorry is the verb πλουτεω (plouteo), meaning to it is in or come to be rich (Luke 1:53, 1 Timothy 6:9, 1 Corinthians 4:8), and also that"s likewise the source of our English indigenous "plutocracy" (a government by the rich).

Niger to be a relatively common surname in the Latin world. Sextius Niger was a roman inn medical author from the time of Caesar Augustus (and thus a modern-day of Paul and Simeon Niger), who wrote on pharmacology (the results of drugs and also poisons). Sextius Niger may have been the very same as Quintus Sextius, the philosopher.

Another famous Niger is Pescennius Niger, that in 193 ad claimed Rome"s royal throne after the killing of emperor Pertinax and also the auctioning turn off of the imperial title. Regrettably for Pescennius Niger, a man named Septimus Severus did therefore too, and also Severus had manage over more legions 보다 did Pescennius Niger. The latter was forced to retreat, and also in 194 advertisement he was ultimately arrested and also beheaded in Antioch or every places.

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🔼Niger meaning

The surname Niger literally way Black, but it signifies distinction and opulence. The may even have originated together epithet because that the god Pluto, whose personal name means Rich Guy. Furthermore, it have to be noted that black has nothing to perform with darkness (as all colors all equally dark, i beg your pardon is conveniently demonstrated by turning the irradiate off). In fact, a white thing is white since it mirrors light of every wavelengths. A black color object is black since it absorbs irradiate of most wavelengths. In other words: due to the fact that in the holy bible light amounts to enlightenment and knowledge, white is the color of arrogance and unwillingness to be instructed, whereas black color is the color of receptivity and openness. As well as opulence and also status, Simeon Niger might have had actually an insatiable hunger because that wisdom.