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16-game run by Blue Jackets to be one quick of record collection by 1992-93 Penguins

by Cristina Ledra and Daniel O"Leary / Staff authors

The Columbus Blue Jackets dropped one win quick of tying the record of 17 continuous victories as soon as they shed 5-0 at the Washington resources on Thursday. The record was set by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1992-93.

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Despite the loss, the Blue Jackets command the in wins (27) and points (58). They"ll try to begin a brand-new streak Saturday when they organize the new York Rangers.

Here"s a look at the longest winning streak for each of the"s 30 teams.

Pittsburgh Penguins: 17 ( record)

(March 9 - April 10, 1993)

The Penguins, who had actually won the Stanley Cup in 1991 and 1992, were even far better during the 1992-93 season. They winner 17 in a row prior to ending their season v a 6-6 tie against the new Jersey Devils. The Penguins had four 100-point scorers: Mario Lemieux (160), Kevin Stevens (111), rick Tocchet (109) and also Ron Francis (100), and also 21-year-old Jaromir Jagr (94), but were upset by the new York Islanders in the Patrick department Final. The 2012-13 Penguins come close to corresponding the streak, win 15 in a row.

Columbus Blue Jackets: 16

(Nov. 29, 2016 - Jan. 3, 2017)

The longest to win streak in Blue Jackets history? You simply witnessed it. They started by win their final game in November and also were perfect till the loss in ~ Washington top top Thursday. Columbus go 14-0-0 in December, perfect the perfect month by ending the Minnesota Wild"s 12-game winning streak. Before Thursday, the Blue Jackets hadn"t lost since Nov. 26, as soon as they were defeated 2-1 in a shootout by the Florida Panthers.

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New York Islanders: 15

(Jan. 21 - Feb. 20, 1982)

The two-time defending Stanley Cup champion averaged much more than six objectives a game, despite they needed a last-minute score by man Tonelli versus the Colorado Rockies for success No. 15, which set an record at the time. The Islanders to win the Penguins four times during the streak but lost in Pittsburgh to finish it.

Boston Bruins: 14

(Dec. 3, 1929 - Jan. 9, 1930)

With a roster that contained six members of the Hockey room of Fame, the Bruins won 5 of their first seven games before breaking far from the pack. The streak started with a 3-1 win against the Montreal Canadiens at Boston Garden; the 3-2 loss come the new York americans that finished it was one of just 5 for the Bruins during the 44-game season. Boston finished 38-5-1 but lost come the Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Final.

Washington Capitals: 14

(Jan. 13 - Feb. 7, 2010)

A 5-4 shootout victory against the Panthers began a operation that helped Washington finish first in the southeast Division. The final win the the streak (5-4 versus the Penguins) and the lose that ended it (6-5 come the Canadiens) come in overtime.

Philadelphia Flyers: 13

(Oct. 19 - Nov. 17, 1985)

Mike Keenan"s Flyers permitted the fewest goals in the throughout the 1985-86 season, but it was Philadelphia"s offense that keyed the win streak. The Flyers scored under than five goals in a game just once in the 13 games, a 3-0 win against the Hartford Whalers. Offense wasn"t the trouble in the ns that ended the streak; Philadelphia to be beaten 8-6 by the Islanders.

New Jersey Devils: 13

(Feb. 26 - march 23, 2001)

The Devils got hot at the best time. Their late-season winning streak had a sweep of a five-game road trip in mid-March. Native the beginning of the streak come the end of the constant season, the Devils go 19-2-0. New Jersey finished with 111 points, the many in the east Conference, but lost to the Colorado Avalanche in the Stanley Cup Final.

Montreal Canadiens: 12

(Jan. 6 - Feb. 3, 1968)

The 1967-68 Canadiens were 15-14-9 prior to they started their streak by beating the brand-new York rangers 5-2 in ~ the Forum. By the moment streak ended with a 3-0 loss come the ranger at Madison Square Garden, the Canadiens to be on their means to a first-place finish and a Stanley Cup championship.

Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche: 12

(Jan 10-Feb. 7, 1999)

The Avalanche began the streak v a 3-2 overtime victory versus the Chicago Blackhawks, then winner their following 11 games in regulation. Colorado"s power play was specifically effective throughout the streak, scoring 13 times in 12 games. The streak powered the Avalanche come the Northwest division title.

Florida Panthers: 12

(Dec. 15, 2015 - Jan. 10, 2016)

Jagr was also involved in Florida"s longest winning streak, scoring six times in 12 games at period 43. This streak additionally became renowned for the "Spacey in Space" hoodie, special actor Kevin Spacey. The Panthers go from 14-12-4 come 26-12-4, helping them walk from sixth place in mid-December come a first-place end up in the Atlantic Division.

Chicago Blackhawks: 12

(Dec. 29, 2015 - Jan. 19, 2016)

One of the large keys come the Blackhawks" win streak to be rest. Throughout the run, coach Joel Quenneville organized one exercise in January in bespeak to keep his football player fresh. Goalie Corey Crawford had one of his career-high 7 shutouts and also a .946 save percentage during the streak. Chicago outscored its enemies 47-22, and also Patrick Kane had 21 point out (nine goals, 12 assists) during the 12 games.

Minnesota Wild: 12

(Dec. 4-29, 2016)

Minnesota outscored the the contrary 40-22 throughout its win streak. It finished with a 4-2 loss come the Blue Jackets on new Year"s Eve, which occurred to be Columbus" 15th consecutive win on the method to its document 16-game streak. Goaltender Devan Dubnyk to be 10-0-0 v 17 goals enabled during the run.

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San Jose Sharks: 11

(Feb. 21 - in march 14, 2008)

The Sharks lost five in a row, 4 by one goal, before 11 right wins. 6 of the victories were one-goal games, consisting of one that entered overtime and two that had actually to walk to a shootout. Eight of the 11 wins come on the road.

Ottawa Senators: 11

(Jan. 14 - Feb. 4, 2010)

The Senators started their run at some point after goaltending coach Eli Wilson was fired. Pascal Leclaire and also Brian Elliott had struggled prior to the adjust but linked to enable 13 goals in Ottawa"s following 11 games. Daniel Alfredsson, who had actually his number retirement by the Senators ~ above Dec. 29, led the violation with 7 goals and also 16 points.

Anaheim Ducks: 11

(Feb. 13-March 5, 2016)

Not just did the Ducks have their longest win streak ever, they score at least one power-play score in each of the 11 wins. The Ducks were last in the Pacific division at the Christmas break, yet the 11-game streak aided them overtake the field and also finish first.

New York Rangers: 10

(Dec. 19, 1939 - Jan. 13, 1940; Jan. 19 - Feb. 10, 1973)

Led by top scorers Bryan Hextall and Neil Colville, the 1939-40 rangers went ~ above to win the Stanley Cup, something they wouldn"t do again till 1994. The 1972-73 team featured Hockey hall of Famers pole Gilbert, Jean Ratelle, Brad Park and Ed Giacomin. The ranger bookended their streak with 6-0 wins; it finished with a 2-2 tie versus the Canadiens.

Atlanta/Calgary Flames: 10

(Oct. 14-Nov. 3, 1978)

The to win streak came as soon as the franchise to be still based in Atlanta. 7 of the 10 wins were by three or an ext goals, and the Flames averaged 5.5 objectives per game throughout the streak. Regardless of their early-season success, the Flames finished fourth in the Patrick division and were brushed up by the Toronto Maple Leafs in their Preliminary round playoff series.

Buffalo Sabres: 10

(Jan. 4-23, 1984; Oct. 4-26, 2006)

The Sabres started 2006-07 through 10 consecutive victories, matching the record set by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1993-94, prior to a shootout loss to the Atlanta Thrashers. Buffalo do a second straight figure in the east Conference Final. The earlier 10-game streak began with a 9-4 victory against the Winnipeg Jets and included victories versus 10 different teams.

Toronto Maple Leafs: 10

(October 7-28, 1993)

The Maple Leafs set an record by win their first 10 games. The streak began with a 6-3 victory versus the Dallas Stars on opening night and also didn"t end until Halloween, as soon as the Maple Leafs lost 5-2 in ~ Montreal. The quick start assisted Toronto finish second in the central Division and reach the west Conference Final.

St. Louis Blues: 10

(Jan. 3-23, 2002)

St. Louis outscored adversaries 42-21 during the streak, which had back-to-back overtime wins against the Boston Bruins. Chicago ended the streak with a 2-1 win on Jan. 25, 2002, and the Blues walk 3-10-2 in their next 15 games.

Vancouver Canucks: 10

(Nov. 9-30, 2002)

Four of Vancouver"s wins throughout the streak were by three or much more goals. Goaltender Dan Cloutier earned ripe of the 10 victories, despite he to be assessed 12 penalty minutes in a 6-3 victory versus the Blues after an altercation v St. Louis forward Scott Mellanby.

Detroit Red Wings: 9

(March 3-21, 1951; Feb. 27-March 20, 1955; Dec. 12-31, 1995; march 3-22, 1996; Oct. 13-Nov. 1, 2005; Oct. 25-Nov. 14, 2006; Oct. 18-Nov. 9, 2007)

The Red Wings are the only Original six team that has never had a double-digit winning streak, but they"ve winner nine games in a row seven times, consisting of three consecutive seasons in the mid-2000s. Detroit winner the Stanley Cup in two of the seven seasons, 1954-55 and also 2007-08.

Winnipeg Jets/Arizona Coyotes: 9

(March 8-27, 1985; in march 4-21, 2010)

The Winnipeg Jets, powered by room of Fame center Dale Hawerchuk"s career-high 130 points, won nine in a heat late in the 1984-85 season. The Jets moved to Arizona in 1996, and also their nine-game to win streak late in the 2009-10 season assisted them make the playoffs because that the first time because 2002.

Edmonton Oilers: 9

(Feb. 20 - in march 13, 2001)

Even during their glory year in the 1980s, the Oilers never won as many games in a row as they did late in the 2000-01 season. Goalie Tommy Salo had seven the the ripe wins during the streak, including three shutouts; he finished through 36 wins, his highest total.

Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes: 9

(Oct. 22 - Nov. 11, 2005; Dec. 31, 2005 - Jan. 19, 2006; march 18 - April 7, 2009)

The Hurricanes had two that their three nine-game streaks during the 2005-06 season as soon as they walk on to victory the Stanley Cup for the first time. They likewise closed out the 2008-09 season by winning your last ripe regular-season games, then advanced to the eastern Conference Final.

Los Angeles Kings: 9

(Jan. 21 - Feb. 6, 2010)

The queens streak had a move of your five-game eastern Conference road trip. Six of the ripe victories to be by one goal, consisting of two shootouts. Goaltender Jonathan fast won every nine games, enabling 21 goals.

Tampa bay Lightning: 9

(Feb. 18 - march 5, 2016)

The nine-game streak started a month after the Lightning won 7 in a row. After ~ the first game of the winning streak, in which the Lightning offered up a three-goal cause the Jets before winning 6-5 in a shootout, the players hosted a closed-door conference to refocus, and also it worked. They finished 2nd in the Atlantic department and gained to video game 7 that the east Conference Final.

Nashville Predators: 8

(Oct. 5-25, 2005)

You can"t have actually a much better start to a season than setting a franchise record for consecutive wins, and also that"s exactly what the Predators did at the beginning of 2005-06. The Predators gained a possibility to expand the streak as soon as forward Adam room scored the tie goal against the Columbus Blue Jackets through 20 seconds left in the third period, yet defenseman Adam Foote score 36 seconds into overtime. Three of Nashville"s eight wins came in the shootout.

Minnesota phibìc Stars/Dallas Stars: 7

(March 16-28, 1980; in march 16-April 2, 1997; Nov. 22-Dec. 5, 1997; Jan. 29-Feb. 11, 2008)

The Stars seven-game streak in 2007-08 come after Dallas won six in a heat in November and also eight the nine gamings from Dec. 10-29.

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Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets: 6

(March 6-16, 2009; Nov. 19-30, 2010)

The Penguins ended each of the two longest winning streaks in franchise history. The Thrashers won 6 in a row twice in their last three seasons in Atlanta before moving to Winnipeg in 2011.