Every one of you has done it: please in love v an epic, fantasy collection that go on and also on forever. The persons that start so grandly climate morph right into multi-volume nightmares that never ever seem come end. Also the authors know they room bloated beasts, for instance take Tad Williams, writer that the “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” series, that labeled the trilogy “The Bloated Epic.”

Having gone v this horror myself much more than once, ns wondered what fantasy series in mine life (I to be born in 1970) were the longest and also most bloated. Not “bloated” in the sense that castle were terrible reads (though there space some the were horrid) however rather that the writer had contract “Herbert’s Syndrome”, in which the is overwhelmed through the temptation come keep broadening his well-known universe. (I’ve read that the Fantasy evaluation came up through the brand “Herbert’s Syndrome” once Dune creator candid Herbert maintained pumping the end Dune books ago in the 1980s.)

With this in mind, ns did part research and came up with thirty the the “Longest Fantasy” series ever published. While i realize indigenous count would be a an ext reliable measure up of true length, I discovered it difficult to gain (what i considered) reliable data concerning word counting of all fantasy series, for this reason I resolved for number of pages in series, which seems to be a reasonably accurate measure up of complete length.

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After you check out through the list, please nominate any type of others that you feel have to be included. I carry out read the suggestions and also modify this perform from time come time.

#30: THE BLACK firm

Glen chef has led this bunch that mercenaries throughout two continents and also into a few different dimensions with nine publications with 3,808 pages. Two an ext books to plan in the series.


David Gemmell to be a understand of heroic fantasy; nobody of his books much more well recognized than this beloved series, which extended to 11 novels with roughly 4,432 pages.


King’s epic has run 8 books and also 4,600 pages, and it will certainly only grow larger. Trust me. Watch my evaluate of several novels in the series. Gunslinger illustration of the three Wolves that the Calla Dark Tower VII

#27: legend ADVENTURES

Robert Lynn Aspirin’s humorous fantasy series has run for five years and detailed fans through 20 novels, sitting at about 4,821 pages.

#26: A song OF ICE and also FIRE

Martin’s saga is 5 books and also basically 5,000 pages long, and it is no close to being complete.


Kurtz began this in 1970 and also has got to 16 publications with roughly 5,000 pages. Plus, over there is therefore much an ext to write about in this civilization that i doubt we have seen the finish of this long running series.

#24: THE civilization OF THE BELGARIAD

Eddings wrote 2 5 book series and two histories: 12 novels and also 5,014 pages in all. Check out my testimonial of Pawn that Prophecy, the an initial book in the series.

#23: A CROWN that STARS

Elliot’s 7 book series with 5,300 pages. Each publication averaging a slim 750 pages.


L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s an initial series top top the list v 11 books and around 5,350 pages. At the very least one much more novel planned.


The Unbeliever’s “believers” have actually purchased 10 publications so far and also devoured nearly 5,500 pages around their favourite leper. Supposedly, the series is over, however then again, I assumed the 2nd Chronicles of Thomas covenant was the last. So remain tuned come this one.


Michael Moorcock has published dozens that eternal champion books, however I decided to usage the White wolf omnibus editions, which built up all the stories in one quite hardcover set. This White Wolf series stretches because that 14 books with 6,095 pages.


Urban fantasy poster boy has over 6,200 pages with 15 books, and remember, the is tho growing. See my evaluation of Storm Front, the very first book in the series.

#18: battles OF LIGHT and SHADOW

Wurts has actually put out 9 publications so far. Several an ext planned. Every novel is close to 700 pages, for a full of 6,281 pages in ~ present. Destiny’s problem (Book 10) tentatively collection to be published on October 5, 2017.


Jacqueline Carey’s series has been around for a while with 9 books, totaling 6,535 pages.


Brust has actually dazzled his fan v 21 novels and approximately 6,620 pages. Vallista to be released October 17, 2017. Therefore excited. Yawn. View my reviews.Jhereg The Phoenix security Brokedown Palace


Fifteen books with about 6,912 pages indigenous Katharine Kerr.


During Brian Jacques life, he penned 22 novels in his impressive world, and also his fans will proceed to cherish all 8,645 pages.


Labeled scifi by some, this 26 books have always seemed much more fantasy with just a touch of scientific research fiction mixed in come liven points up a bit. Yet whether friend agree through me or not about that, girlfriend will, no doubt, concede that the collection is about 9,000 pages and still growing.


Okay, I understand some the you room saying this is a serialized people with numerous authors writing about different characters, and I completely agree, so ns am only counting the novels authored or co-authored by Margaret Weis or Tracy Hickman. Through this criteria used, the core Dragonlance novels came under to 21 novels with 9,038 pages or over there about.

#11: kingdom OF THE ELDERLINGS

Robin Hobb has written 16 novels in this cosmos so far with about 11,000 pages. The author has left it open up to return to the human being again later if she feels she has an additional story come tell.


Salvatore has offered us a “legendary” run of 30 publications with practically 11,500 pages. It appears the series may have involved an end for the foreseeable future, yet don’t counting Drizzt out: there are always much more stories to tell.  See my reviews of the many recent books in the series.Vengeance that the iron Dwarf Archmage Hero

#9: THE knife OF TRUTH

Goodkind has actually published four series in his fantasy human being of the Confessors: Sword of Truth, Richard and also Kahlan, The Legend of Magda Searus, and Sister that Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles. These novels complete 17 books so much with around 11,400 pages. Each book averaging practically 700 pages.


Modesitt’s second series on our list with Recluce stretching out 18 novels with approximately 10,740 pages. Book 19 (The Mongrel Mage) will be exit on October 31, 2017.


A collection that has run 29 books with nearly 12,200 pages. If you include four quick stories and a graphic novel into the equation, climate the series is in ~ 34 published job-related with around 12,500 pages . . . And it’s still gaining bigger: The final collection (The loss of Shannara) having started in June 2017 through the publishing of The black color Elfstone. View my evaluate of the most recent Shannara novels. The High Druid’s tongue The Darkling son The Sorcerer’s Daughter.


Jordan and Sanderson’s 15 book epic. 12,000 pages. Basically 800 pages every book!


A small over 13,000 pages! 39 books! This series of cheesy fantasy jokes and also fun puns is tho going solid after all these years.


Feist strung this one the end for 30 books and also over 13,100 pages. The is over ultimately – we think.


Lackey has actually penned 34 novels v 14,000 pages. A large investment the time there. And I’m not also including the brief story collections.


Erickson and also Esslemont’s series is now so lengthy I’ve lost count of exactly how many publications there are in all the different series, however I think we space up come 19 by the finish of July 2017 with around 14,500 pages. Each novel averaging about 800 pages. If you include in the six novellas, the collection is now above 15,500 pages lengthy with 25 published works, and the latest novel arrives in November 2017 as soon as Deadhouse Landing (Path to rule #2) hits shelves. Obviously, this collection isn’t going to stop farming for quite some time, that seems.


During terrycloth Pratchett’s prolific writing career, he created 45 Discworld novels spreading across 15,497 pages. And while this fantasy master has actually passed away, Discworld will always remain to pay homage to his greatness.

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Now, to it is in honest, we all love because that our favorite book collection to go on and on. (I personal recall tearing up as a kid once Lord of the ring ended.) and as long as the author can proceed to churn out interesting brand-new story concepts or plot lines, it isn’t a negative thing for anyone that a collection goes “long.”

What inevitably appears to occur, however, is at some point new ideas prevent coming and also old ones start being rehashed, leading to a great series transforming into a never finishing procession that the very same formulaic story. “Bloat” set in, if you will, and then that is up to the author to simply stop. Finish it already, prefer Tolkien did by sending out Frodo and Gandalf right into the west at the end Lord the the Rings. Sure, i cried as soon as I review it, but it was better than me giving up ~ above the eighth LoTR sequel. You know, the one wherein Frodo is acquisition an enchanted sword to mount Gundabad to destroy it so regarding cast under the Ringwraith who endured Sauron’s destruction.