I avoided acrylic paint for a lengthy time. I was happy through my fluid tempera and watercolor paints and also didn’t watch the allure the acrylics.

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Now, because that my very own art, nothing beats acrylics. Yet who wants to mess approximately with tubes v 30 kids?

This to be my mindset for a long time.


When ns learned about acrylic paints the were expected for an elementary classroom, ns was excited to give them a try. Ns order some Blick Acrylic paints and also experimented v a couple of projects.

Everything that was said around acrylic paints to be true…they were smooth, beautiful and also had a lover finish.

Then ns made the large mistakes that only experienced art teachers understand not to do: ns cleaned my plastic muffin-palette to fill with acrylic paints in the sink. 2 days later, mine sink to be clogged.

Here’s the thing. Acrylic paints dry to a hard plastic. And also when your pour them under your drain, they will stick to your pipes.

And if girlfriend don’t clean your brushes well, climate the same tough plastic will certainly adhere come the bristles.

A significant deciding element for selecting tempera vs. Acrylic paints. Therefore that had actually me swearing off acrylics for follow me time.

Cut to this summer….

I was producing art with my 3-year old niece in Canada. I required supplies so I checked out the closest store. They brought a few craft acrylics but not lot else. So ns bought a smock, got hold of some main colors and prepared to cover my nephew so she wouldn’t destroy her clothes.

Turns the end that the acrylic ns bought was an extremely (very!) similar to consistent liquid tempera paint. It also washed away like tempera. The didn’t even dry come a hard plastic finish. Ns was amazed. And surprised.

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Here’s a video clip that shows exactly how craft acrylic paints are as with liquid tempera paints. Possibly they will work for you!

To learn more about the ideal practices for acrylic paint, click below to hear to my podcast v Anna Bartlett together she defines how to ideal effectively use this medium.

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