kW and also kVA space units of power. KW represents kilo-watts and kVA represents kilo-volts ampere. Let’s see what is the difference between kW and also kVA and how to calculate each one of them.

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The crucial differences between kW and kVA

kW – KilowattskVA – Kilo-volt amperes
It is the unit of electrical power – In AC system, it is the unit of measure of true power or valuable power.kVA is the unit of noticeable power in one AC electrical system.
It is usually the measure up of true strength consumed through the load.kVA is usually the quantity of power that alternators, transformers and UPS are capable of delivering the load associated to them.
Kilowatts is proportional to load power factor.kVA is independent of load power factor.
Motors, lamps, home appliances and so on are rated in kW.Alternators, transformers, inverters, UPS etc are rated in kVA.

The listed below pictures mirrors the nameplate details of one induction motor that is rated in kW and also a transformer rated in kVA.

Motor nameplate
Transformer nameplate

Calculation that kW – True Power

Single step kilowatts,

For single-phase, kW can be calculated using the complying with formula.

Single-phase – kW = (Voltage X existing X strength factor)/1000

Three-phase kilowatts

For three-phase, kW deserve to be calculated utilizing the complying with formula.

Three phase kW if line to heat voltage is known,

kW = (√3 X Voltage X existing X power factor)/1000

= (1.732 X Voltage X current X strength factor)/1000

Three phase kW if phase to phase voltage is known,

kW = (3 X Voltage X present X power factor)/1000

Calculation the kVA – obvious power

Single-phase kVA

For single-phase, kVA have the right to be calculated utilizing the following formula.

kVA = (Voltage X Current)/1000

Three-phase kVA

For three-phase, kVA deserve to be calculated utilizing the complying with formula.

Three-phase kVA if line to line voltage is known,

kVA = (√3 X Voltage X existing )/1000 = (1.732 X Voltage X Current)/1000

Three-phase kVA if phase to step voltage is known,

kVA = (3 X Voltage X Current)/1000

How to transform kilo-volt-ampere come kilowatt?

To convert kVA to kW, multiply the KVA by the power aspect of the circuit.

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kW = KVA X P.F(Power factor)

How to convert kW to kVA?

To convert kW to kVA, division the KVA by the power factor of the load.