What"s the difference between a GPU and also a graphics card? There space some very important distinctions that you need to know and this guide will define it all.


A graphics card is also sometimes referred to as a discrete or dedicated graphic card. This shows that the graphics card is a separate item of hardware the most frequently interfaces through the remainder of the computer system via a PCIe slot on the motherboard.

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Meanwhile, the hatchet external graphics map describes a regular dedicated graphics card that’s set up in an outside enclosure and connected to a computer system with the aid of a cable, typically via a Thunderbolt 3 port. Civilization most frequently use exterior graphics cards with laptops, together they help maintain a laptop’s portability while boosting its gaming performance and also bringing it to a near-desktop level.

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Next, we have actually integrated GPUs or integrated graphics, and also this refers to a GPU that is incorporated with a CPU i.e. The processor has actually both CPU and GPU cores on the very same die. These combined GPUs don’t take it up any space on the motherboard and are more power-efficient, but they additionally don’t have their own memory and have to make use of the system RAM instead.

As a result, incorporated graphics space usually nowhere near as powerful as also the cheapest specialized GPUs and are for this reason rarely a an excellent fit because that gaming. However, they are totally capable of taking treatment of an easy graphics-related tasks, and also considering the they assist save space, power, and also money, it’s apparent why castle are good for casual everyday activities such as net browsing, city hall videos, playing music, etc.

This is additionally where the hatchet “accelerated handling unit”, or APU, come in. Essentially, this is simply a marketing term presented by AMD and also it simply denotes a heat of CPUs that come with incorporated graphics.

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However, AMD’s Ryzen APUs actually market some the the most powerful integrated graphics watched to date, and they are actually perfectly viable for gaming if you’re putting together one entry-level build and also don’t psychic playing games in a lower resolution and/or at lower settings.

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And so, that would certainly be it for this article. Hopefully, you’ve uncovered it helpful and it has actually helped settle the difference between a GPU and a graphic card, and also some various other related terms.

On a final note, if you’re shopping because that a new graphics card ideal now, us suggest checking out our selection of the finest graphics cards of 2021, together you’re tied to find something that fits her needs!