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projection, protrusion, protuberance, bulge typical an extension beyond the common line or surface. Projection suggests a jutting out especially at a sharp angle. those projections follow me the wall surface are safety perils protrusion says a thrusting out so the the extension seems a deformity. the bizarre protrusions of a coral reef protuberance indicates a farming or swelling out in rounded form. a skin disease marked by warty protuberances bulge suggests an growth caused by internal pressure. bulges in the tile floor

bony protrusions top top the external of the elbow a roof with countless protrusions The pain was brought about by a protrusion that a key in his reduced back.

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Recent instances on the web the low-protrusion also means there’s less wind interference as soon as on call calls. — Janhoi Mcgregor, Forbes, 19 Sep. 2021 The glass back features a significant camera module protrusion, specifically on the iphone 13 Pro and 13 agree Max. — chris Smith, BGR, 27 Sep. 2021 To study protrusion formation in fire ants, the researchers gathered ants native the wild, then inserted them by the thousands into a tank of water. — Shi En Kim, Smithsonian Magazine, 29 June 2021 Skin need to be soft sufficient to get traction as soon as reaching because that a slim crevice or protrusion, yet long lasting enough to withstand constant wear and also tear. — David Wharton, Los Angeles Times, 5 Aug. 2021 Designed come look like a ship, the house has an substantial prow-like architecture protrusion over the entryway. — Katherine Clarke, WSJ, 30 July 2021 Hallux valgus is a tiny deformity the finds the huge toe angled external with a bony protrusion at its base—a breakthrough that renders walking painful. — Nora Mcgreevy, Smithsonian Magazine, 14 June 2021 The number 22 is motivated by both the team’s inaugural season, 2022, and also the 22 players on the pitch, while the wing’s protrusion represents the team break the mold of expectation. — Kevin Baxter, Los Angeles Times, 30 June 2021 By substantially reducing the earbud’s dimensions, QuietOn succeeded in developing the an initial ANC earbud that fits completely in the ear, v zero protrusion. — note Sparrow, Forbes, 25 may 2021

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