Chbetterworld2016.org name copper(II) oxide Chbetterworld2016.org identifier CHbetterworld2016.org:75955 Chbetterworld2016.org ASCII surname copper(II) oxide meaning A metal oxide that has betterworld2016.orgtually the formula CuO. It has betterworld2016.orgtually an ionic structure. Stars This entity has betterworld2016.orgtually been manually annotated through the Chbetterworld2016.org Team. Supplier info Download Molfile XML SDF

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Formula CuO
Net charge 0
average Mass 79.54500
Monoisotopic mass 78.92451
InChI InChI=1S/Cu.O/q+2;-2

Chbetterworld2016.org Ontology
Outgoing copper(II) oxide (CHbetterworld2016.org:75955) has part copper(2+) (CHbetterworld2016.org:29036) copper(II) oxide (CHbetterworld2016.org:75955) is a copper oxide (CHbetterworld2016.org:134069)
just arrived copper(II) oxide nanoparticle (CHbetterworld2016.org:83159) is a copper(II) oxide (CHbetterworld2016.org:75955)

Registry numbers species resources
1344-70-3 CAS it is registered Number ChemIDplus
8128137 Reaxys it is registered Number Reaxys


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