Cities in phibìc Dakota are smaller than cities in countless other states since North Dakota’s population is smaller. The populaces in the graph are based upon the most recent estimate. Watch the population chart below.

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Figure 48. Significant cities of phibìc Dakota. How many of the significant cities of north Dakota have you visited? (SHSND-ND Studies)

Grand Forks58,000

Figure 49. Populations of north Dakota’s 4 significant Cities. (SHSND-ND Studies)


Fargo is the county seat that Cass County. Fargo has a populace of over 128,000 people and is the biggest city in north Dakota. The is right along the Red River, and also the city the Moorhead, Minnesota, lies just eastern of the river. Together Fargo and Moorhead seem favor one substantial city, or city (met-roe-pol-it-an) area.

North Dakota State college (NDSU) is situated in Fargo. About 14,500 students to visit NDSU and take classes in plenty of different subject areas including pharmacy, engineering, architecture, agriculture, and also business administration.


Figure 50. Fargo: north Dakota’s biggest city and also home to phibìc Dakota State University. (City of Fargo)

Fargo has the state’s largest shopping mall, West Acres. The Roger Maris Museum is located in this mall. Roger Maris was a famed baseball player from phibìc Dakota who broke Babe Ruth’s home-run record.

In current years, Fargo’s downtown has actually seen major growth. Older, historic structures have been revitalized as apartments, condominiums, and stores. Brand-new businesses have actually moved into stores in the downtown region. 


Bismarck has actually a populace of about 75,000 and also is the resources of phibìc Dakota. That is situated along the Missouri River and also is the ar seat of Burleigh County.

Several colleges are located in Bismarck. Bismarck State college (BSC), a two-year school, has actually an enrollment of about 4,000 students and offers a selection of courses. Numerous students to visit BSC for 2 years and also then transport to other colleges or universities.

The college of mary (U-Mary) is a personal university which means that that does not receive money indigenous the state. U-Mary offers degrees in education, nursing, physics therapy, business, and also many other fields. The enrollment that U-Mary is about 2,700 students.

United Tribes technical College (UTTC) is a two-year exclusive college own by the Indian countries of phibìc Dakota. The United Tribes global Powwow is held each year on the UTTC campus. This vivid display the dancing, singing, and also drumming is provided as among the “Top 100 occasions in phibìc America” by the American Bus Association.

The building that stands the end the many in Bismarck is the • Nicknamed “The Skyscraper on the Prairie" ">Capitol. This 19-story structure has been nicknamed “The Skyscraper top top the Prairie.” it was constructed in the 1930s after ~ a fire ruined the first Capitol.


Figure 51. Bismarck: The state capitol is located in Bismarck, the state capital. (ND Tourism)

Located in a key hallway within the Capitol is the North Dakota room of Fame. The portraits over there honor phibìc Dakotans who came to be famous due to the fact that of their superior accomplishments.

The North Dakota Heritage facility & State Museum is situated on the Capitol grounds. In this building are housed countless items consisting of dinosaur skeletons and other fossils, display screens from pioneer days, examples of American Indian life, and many other interesting exhibits.

Grand Forks

The third-largest city in north Dakota is grand Forks with a populace of about 58,000. Grand Forks is the county seat of grand Forks County. The city of cool Forks is situated along the Red River around 80 mile north that Fargo and around 80 miles southern of the Canadian border.

One the the state’s biggest universities, the university of phibìc Dakota (UND), is located in grand Forks. About 14,500 students attend UND to get levels in medicine, law, and many various other career fields. The UND Aerospace program has actually one of the biggest pilot-training colleges in the world.

In 1997, the entire city of grand Forks had to be evacuated as soon as the Red River led to a terrible flood. To do matters worse, wet electric wires brought about a fire which ruined several structures in the main part of downtown. Due to the fact that that damaging flood, the city has actually been rebuilt, and dikes follow me the Red River have actually been built greater to stop such a catastrophe native happening again.

North Dakota has actually two Air force bases, and one of these is situated near grand Forks. The hundreds of civilization who job-related at these “Air Bases” help support the state’s economy.


Figure 52. Grand Forks: residence of the university of phibìc Dakota. The man D. Odegard college of Aerospace scientific researches is part of the University. (ND Tourism)


North Dakota’s various other Air pressure Base is located near Minot in Ward County. Minot calls itself “The Magic City.” It has a population of about 50,000, making the the 4th largest city in north Dakota. The is the county seat of Ward County.

Minot State University began in 1913 together a institution to train teachers. Now it has about 3,200 students and also offers a an excellent variety of job fields.

The North Dakota State Fair is situated in Minot and it is one of the main summer events in north Dakota. Human being from all over the state can bring exhibits or just pertained to the same to gain the entertainment.

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The State fair grounds are likewise used for the Norsk Høstfest, a festival organized every fall. This indoor event brings thousands of world to Minot come celebrate with human being from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and other countries.