Tehran, the capital city the Iran, is among the most beautiful urban in Iran and usually the first stop for tourists experimenting the country. Tehran is also the biggest city in Iran, and it is the cultural, economic and also political center of the area. It represents the facility of creating the heavy commodities in Iran together as digital industries and chemicals. Its cultural part is the it has plenty of famous locations that entice the eye of their visitors. There"s many of remarkable things to do in Tehran, Iran to make it worth acquisition a pilgrimage here.

1. Azadi Tower


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The Azadi Tower, among most renowned attractions in Tehran was built in 1971, and also is located in Azadi Square. Words Azadi means freedom in Persian. The elevation of the Azadi Tower is 50 meter high, totally developed of white marble. This attractive tower represents the city of Tehran. When you visit Tehran, the very first place that attracts your eyes is the Azadi tower due to the fact that it located at the enntrance gate of the city. The Azadi Tower consists of the secret gallery, Quran Museum, a cinema, and the viewing platform.

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2. Iran nationwide Museum


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Iran nationwide Museum, located in Tehran, is one of Tehran"s optimal tourist attractions. The nationwide Museum"s construction completed in 1928 by French architect André Godard. This museum is a mix of two complexes: the museum of old Iran and the museum the the Islamic era. The Iran national Museum has many Iranian antiquities such as textiles, steel objects, and some of rarely coins and books.

Name:Iran national MuseumAddress:30 Si Tir St, Tehran, IranRelated Site:http://www.nationalmuseum.ichto.ir

3. Golestan Palace


One of the oldest Tehran traveler attractions, built in the Qajar era which came to be the house of the government of Qajar Family, representing the Qajar and also Persian architecture. Its style consists the 17 structures that include halls, museums, and palaces which provided for celebrations, meetings, and coronations in ~ the period of Qajar. If you acquired a opportunity to visit this palace you will be very lucky to check out its attractive halls and museums such together Talar-e Salam, Talar-e Ayene, Shams Ol Emare, Emarat-e Badgir, the Marble Throne and also other attractive places.

Name:Golestan PalaceAddress:Tehran Province, Tehran, ar 12, fifth Khordad Avenue, Arg Sqr، Panzdah-e-Khordad Street, IranRelated Site:http://golestanpalace.ir/

4. Tehran cool Bazaar

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The Tehran grand Bazaar is among the historical places in Tehran. This cool Bazaar is an essential place of commerce for Iranians because it has essential goods that civilization need together carpets, precious metals, spices, etc., which represent the Tehran"s civilization. This cool Bazaar additionally has various other impressive sights to view such together mosques, banks, and also guesthouses. The many notable location you will view is Imam Khomeini Mosque which to represent Islamic culture and design in Iran.

5. Saad Abad Complex

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The Saad Abad complex, located in Shemiran, Tehran, was constructed during the regime of of Qajar and also Pahlavi. The complicated offers stunning design such together the green Palace that built at the finish of Qajar monarch, and the White royal residence that was built in the 1930s. Friend can also see other incredible places in the Saad Abad facility such as as the Museum Of well Arts and the army Museum the is complete of info on imperial customs and also military paraphernalia.

6. Carpet Museum the Iran

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The Carpet Museum of Iran is one of Tehran"s most famous spots and located near by to Laleh Park, among the city"s renowned green spaces. The Carpet Museum was founded during the period of Queen Farah Diba in 1976 In order come revive the carpet weaving market in Iran. In enhancement to the carpets, this museum contains around 7000 books and also texts. The highlight but is the chance to see into the fascinating Persian Carpet society of Iran.

Name: The Carpet MuseumAddress:cnr Dr Fatemi & north Kargar Aves, Tehran, IranRelated Site:http://carpetmuseum.ir/

7. Niavaran Complex


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The Niavaran complex is a historic palace located in Shemiran, Tehran. That monuments and also buildings date back to the Qajar and also Pahlavi dynasty. The shaman Mohammad Reza Pahlavi settled with his household in Niavaran complex during his royal rule. Nowadays, this complicated consists of five museums such as Niavaran palace Museum and also Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Sahebgharanieh Palace, and also the car Museum. The facility also consists of some historical and also natural attractions such together Jahan Nama Gallery, the Blue Hall, imperial Library Museum, and also Niavaran Garden.

8. Laleh Park that Tehran (Park-e Laleh)


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Laleh Park, is just one of the most beautiful open spaces in Tehran, named after the Persian word because that tulip. Due to its main location, it"s a great place come stop and also relax in in between visiting spots approximately Tehran, with plenty of greenery and flowers roughly the park.

Name:Imam Mosque of IranAddress:Tehran Province, Tehran, district 6, Keshavarz Blvd, IranRekated Site:http://parks.tehran.ir

9. Treasury of nationwide Jewels

The Treasury of nationwide Jewels, additionally known together The nationwide Jewels Museum, is a well-known place to visit in Tehran that contains one that the biggest collections the jewelry about the world. The national Jewels Museum opens its door to visitors from 14.00 come 17.00 everyday except Thursday and also Friday. That is guide"s booklets available in different languages: Persian, English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, and Arabic. This Museum provides a huge variety of precious and beautiful jewels from about the people to see.

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Name:National Jewels MuseumAddress:Tehran Province, Tehran, Javadiyeh, 213 Avenue central Bank of، Ferdowsi, Iran

10. Milad Tower (Borj- El Milad)


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The Milad Tower is among the many attractive sights in Tehran, frequently referred to as Tehran Tower. The Milad Tower took 11 year to open up its doors to visitors, that construction started in 1997 and was lastly finished in 2008. In ~ 435 meters high, it"s the tallest tower in Iran and Tehran. The tower"s octagonal base represents the architecture of Iran and gives the chance for tourist to identify the Iranian culture.

Name:Milad TowerAddress:South Sheikh Fadlallah exit, Tehran, IranRelated Site:http://www.tehranmiladtower.ir

Conclusion to the peak Things to do in Tehran

If you"re in search of an i can not forget holiday, make sure to visit Tehran. Tehran, together the resources city the Iran, has plenty of renowned attractions such as Azadi Tower, the nationwide Museum, Tehran Tower, the grand Bazaar, the Jewels Museum, Golestan Palace, Niavaran Complex, Imam Mosque, the Carpet Museum, and Saad Abad Complex. It"s likewise the perfect ar to discover Iranian and Persian Culture.


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