Density, particular heat, heat conductivity, viscosity and Prandtls no. Of fluid ammonia at its saturation pressure

At atmospheric pressure, ammonia, NH3, is present as a liquid at temperatures below -33.6 °C (-28.5 °F). In ~ 10 bara, the condensation/boiling suggest is 25 °C (77 °F). For an ext details about phase transitions, see ammonia phase diagram.

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Below the tables, nature of fluid ammonia in ~ saturation press as duty of temperatur, are displayed in figures.

Thermal properties of fluid ammonia at saturation pressure:

Temperature - t - (oC)Density - ρ - (kg/m3)

Specific Heat(Heat Capacity) - cp - (kJ/(kg K))

heat Conductivity - λ - (W/(m K))Dynamic Viscosity - η - (10-6 Pa s)Prandtl"s no.
-50 698 4.45 0.547 317 1.98
0 636 4.61 0.540 169 1.40
20 609 4.74 0.521 138 1.29
50 561 5.08 0.477 103 1.26
Temperature - t - (oF)Density - ρ - (lb/ft3)

Specific Heat(Heat Capacity)- cp - (Btu/(lbm oF))

heat Conductivity - λ - (Btu/(hr ft oF)Dynamic Viscosity - η - (10-6 lb/(ft s))Prandtl"s no.
-58 43.4 1.06 0.32 213 1.98
32 39.7 1.10 0.31 113 1.40
68 38 1.13 0.3 93 1.29
122 35 1.21 0.28 69 1.26


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