A natural John Deere hobbyist, i am learning and also researching around the miscellaneous models and sharing my tractor findings.

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What provides the man Deere 318 so Good?

The man Deere 318 lawn and garden tractor, though currently discontinued, is claimed to be one of the finest John Deere lawn tractors ever constructed (if no the best). In fact, countless owners to buy their design brand new and still occupational it difficult 15–25 year later. I have also heard the a fair few trading in newer JD lawn tractors design for the more hardy, reliable JD 318—it is that good.

Pros and also Cons

The general view (thrown in through my own personal experience) has tendency to be the they space obviously really dependable, heavy-duty, and rugged. Minimum maintain is required, and also it will practically run a life time with a the majority of custom and also official attachments being obtainable for them. In sum, basically wonderful all-around lawn and also garden tractor.

The flaw aren't really about the tractor itself however are an ext to perform with it being together a well-known, reliable but discontinued product. That is nice darn challenging to discover one because that sale (which is understandable, as world will simply want to hold on to it). Moreover, finding instead of parts deserve to be an overwhelming and occasionally jaw-droppingly expensive.

JD 318 Overview


Air Cooled Gas


18HP 2 Cylinder petrol (709cc/781cc)


17 Litres



John Deere 318 Specs

Here's a rapid rundown ~ above the specifications of a 318 (for a more detailed overview, you re welcome be sure to take it a look at the video clip review simply below):

The 1986 factory-built (i.e unmodified) john Deere 318s often tended to have a 4.5 gallon (17.0L) capacity through a 1.2 gallon (4.5L) hydraulic system. The Onan B43G 18 horsepower, 2 cylinder, 4 valve engine operation on a 12-volt battery.

How many HP Does the Have?

You will generally come throughout two types of engine that room specified in the spec sheet above, a low 700c version as well as a high 700c version both ~ above the 18HP Onan Engine.

With hydrostatic steering, this sturdy tractor, unmodified, runs around 8 mph at height forward speed and 3–6 mph in reverse. The wheelbase is 46 inches and the whole base model is 836 lbs (379 kg). It stands 44 customs in height, simply over 3.5 feet tall.

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Available Add-Ons and also Attachments

The 318 also has a many of available 'add ons' and official attachments available:

Mower Decks

36" hydraulic 2 tongue mower deck46" hydraulic lift 3 blade mower deck50" hydraulic background 3 blade mower deck

Snow Blowers

46" single stage hydraulic lift eye blower47" dual stage hydraulic lift eye blower

Bucket Loaders

48" 500 lb 0.21 cu yard bucket loader54" 500 lb 0.24 cu garden bucket loader

You will likewise come across modified attachments for sale too, such as a 3 allude hitch, front mountain broom, rear blade, hydraulic background blade, rototiller, garden tractor cab, and a energy cab.