Volleyball is an interesting sport that deserve to be play by almost anyone. Even if it is played together a hobby with a couple of friends or ~ above a skilled, competitive team, there space a couple of things you have to know, consisting of the rule of the 10-foot (3-meter) line. 


The 10-foot line in volleyball, also known together the strike line or 3-meter line, is the boundary attracted on either side of the net inserted ten feet native the facility of the court. The runs throughout the broad of the court and also serves as a overview to show players if and when castle are permitted to attack. 


The rules around the assault line can be confusing, therefore we will certainly flesh them the end for girlfriend in this article. Us will start with a quick overview that the rules and then re-superstructure a little bit of information around the zones surrounding the 10-foot line. 

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Rules about the 10-Foot Line

Where Is the 10-Foot line Located?

The 10-foot line operation the width of the court ten feet (3 meters) from the network or the center of the court. The rules and regulations concerning this ar of the court space a small bit facility and might differ depending on your level the play. 


The heat is the allude of reference for players to know how to struggle the ball. The 10-foot line can additionally be called the assault line or the 3-meter line, relying on the nation you play in. 

What Is the function of a 10-Foot Line?

At very first glance, the may appear that the function of the attack line is to separate the front row and back row players. Once they start a match, football player 1, 5, and 6 was standing behind the attack line while football player 2, 3, and also 4 room positioned in front. 


However, while football player are permitted to relocate freely around the attack line, it mostly serves as a reference point for once the back row players can set or assault the ball. Your place on the court, i m sorry frequently changes during rotations, is at some point the determining variable in what the attack line means to you during a game. Skipping this will eventually lead to a fault. 

What Is a Fault?


A error is an activity that division the rules of the game. There are all type of means that players or teams deserve to receive a fault, including: 


Reaching violationsFoot faultsBall handling errors


Falling to follow the rules around the 10-foot line can reason players to lose points and also forfeit the business depending on their possession at the time of the fault. For example, if a back-row player access time the sphere with your foot end the 10-foot line, castle will shed their team point. 

Rules concerning the 10-Foot Line

There is some confusion roughly the rules of the 10-foot line since different player location are allowed (or not allowed) come do specific things relying on their location worrying the line. If you room trying to win your games, being a good team player is vital to conference that goal. Thus, you have to be sure that you have actually a finish understanding of all the rules, including those entailing the 10-foot line.

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There room some necessary notes to store in mind around positions and zones pertained to volleyball’s attack line. Understanding these contents are necessary to gift a skilled and also competitive volleyball player. 

Front Zone

The former zone is the area between the center of the court (the net) and also the attack line. Front heat players (positions 2, 3, and also 4) start each set off in this section of the court. This players, known as the assault zone players, room responsible for:


Setting – an overhead pass from one player to a hitter. Part hits will be taken into consideration a “dump” come an undefended spot, or a collection up for a spike.Attacking – the act of hitting or spiking the ball in bespeak to end a play and also earn points. Attacking can mean a spike, set, tip, or over-the-head contact.Blocking – a defensive method used to avoid an attack and also the various other team from obtaining points. This move entails blocking a spike or attack, in the hopes of sending the ball back into the opponent’s court. 


Because of their position in relationship to the 10-foot line, they deserve to do a many things the the earlier row players can not do. For example, they have the right to reach throughout the net throughout a block. The is also permitted for their hands to overcome the net during an attack, as lengthy as call was made v the ball prior to their hand or arm crossed. 

Back Court

The back court is the area the the court between the 10-foot line and also the baseline (the finish of the court). This zone is primarily where the earlier row players (1, 5, and 6) space positioned. 


Back heat players are allowed to attack the sphere as lengthy as they carry out so native behind the strike line. However, an essential note is the the player can land in prior of the strike line, so long as your jumping-off suggest was behind it. In fact, gift able to land in former of the attack line is a sign of a strong back heat player. They space also permitted to play the ball over the net, as lengthy as it does no go end to the opponent’s side. 


One that the most crucial restrictions for earlier row players involves the attack line. They are not enabled to jump higher than the height of the network or hit the sphere over come the other team. Doing so would certainly be a violation the the rules and an outcome in a fault. The just time they can jump over the network is to hit the sphere to one more player. 


The libero is a special place in volleyball the does not get involved in the rotation, uneven the other players. They also are really easy to spot because they stay a different shade jersey than other players on their team. Since they do not participate in the rotation, liberos room strictly ago row players and also can just substitute because that other back row players. Their major purpose is to act as defensive players, and are often solid passers. 


Another far-reaching difference because that this position is the they can freely move back and forth throughout the strike line, back the rules that apply to their place are slightly different. This player cannot do an overhead set from in former of the 10-foot heat while your teammates strike the ball over the net. Vice versa, they space not enabled to attack the round from in prior of the line, unlike front row players. 


If friend are brand-new to the libero position, it deserve to be confusing to re-learn some of the assault line rules. Liberos room subject to added restrictions if make a play native the former zone, so the is finest to be strategic around your moves. 

Final Thoughts

Your place on the court, even if it is you’re a former or ago row player, will determine what the 10-foot line method to you.

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Regardless, its major purpose is come act as a reference point for just how each position can hit the ball. 


Remember, earlier row players must be behind that line to begin spiking. Understanding every one of the rule in volleyball will make friend a an ext skilled and also confident player, allowing you to assistance your teammates as finest as friend can.