Some the the many watched online videos the the year have to be the Simon"s Cat films. Simon Tofield produced Simon"s cat, a frisky rascal, based upon his experiences through his very own cats in Bedfordshire, England. His personal animation project eventually turned right into an internet meme that garnered millions of views top top YouTube and led to a publication "Simon"s Cat" which just came out previously this year.

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I had the honor to interview Simon Tofield and ask the a couple of questions that countless of united state would love come know:

Amy: Tell united state something about yourself?

Simon: I very first taught myself to animate by do flip-books.

Amy: have you constantly been a cat lover? once did you fall for cats?

Simon: Yes. I acquired my an initial cat at the age of 9, which ns rescued indigenous the back of a stable.

Amy: execute you have any kind of cats? could you offer us an introduction of her cats?

Simon: Yes. I have actually 4 cats. In the stimulate of earliest first, ns live v tiny, embarrassy Jess and the gi-normous Maisie. Climate there"s naughty Hugh and also last, yet not least, little kitten Teddy.

Amy: where did you get your motivation for Simon"s cat?

Simon: The initial impetus behind the first Simon"s Cat movie "Cat guy Do", come from Hugh do the efforts to wake me increase one morning. I assumed it would certainly make great scenario for a brief animation.

Amy: does Simon"s cat have actually a genuine name?

Simon: I"ve left it as much as the viewers come imagine what Simon"s Cat"s actual name is. I think this helps the viewer to attach with Simon"s Cat imagining that being comparable to their very own cat.


Amy: space all the films based on your real experiences v your pets?

Simon: Yes. As time has gone on, with much more films and also now the book, I tend to uncover inspiration from all of my cats. Living through 4 cats, friend can"t aid but an alert and remember the funny tiny things castle do.

Amy: exactly how long does it usually take because that you to finish a film?

Simon: fine the films aren"t every the same length. However if I had to say, on mean they take about 6 weeks come animate, and then an additional week because that sound.

Amy: go you create all the sound results in the films?

Simon: i make all the pet noises for the Simon"s Cat films. So I do the "meows" and for Simon"s Sister"s Dog i did the whimpers. Yet I get assist from a sound designer referred to as Russel Pay for the mixing of the sounds and also other sound effects, prefer breaking glass or scratching noises.

Amy: have actually you presented your movies to your cats? If so, to be they amused?

Simon: Hugh and also Teddy periodically watches me if I work-related on the computer. Yet the others have far too essential things come do. Like sleeping.

Amy: go you ever expect the your films would end up being so successful?

Simon: No. It was a big surprise. "Cat male Do", the first film, was simply a an individual film ns made if trying come teach myself Flash, i beg your pardon is an computer animation software. The was never meant to be viewed by other people. However I put it on my computer animation showreel, and next point I knew, someone had taken the video without asking me and put the on YouTube. By the time I discovered out, Cat man Do had actually been viewed millions of times.


Amy: as soon as did you decision to placed your films into a book?

Simon: It"s constantly been an ambitious of mine to develop a book. Luckily the popularity of Simon"s Cat cause a few publishers pull close me, which enabled me to take Simon"s Cat to the printed page.

Amy: What"s the publication about?

Simon: The simple answer would be that it"s around Simon"s Cat! but if you read in between the present you can say it"s about relationships, trust, love, humour, fun, animals and those funny moments in life.

Amy: What was it choose to watch your pan base grow into together enormous worldwide audience?

Simon: It"s to be incredible and also a complete surprise! ns am honoured that other civilization who love cats likewise like Simon"s Cat. It"s favor we"re one huge happy cat family.

Amy: Don"t friend think your cats deserve part credit for her success?

Simon: oh certainly. If that weren"t because that them ns would never have had actually the idea for Simon"s Cat. They definitely deserve their Christmas presents!


Amy: are you going come make much more Simon"s cat films in the close to future? What need to your pan expect?

Simon: There will hopefully be many an ext Simon"s Cat films for a lengthy time come come. Is over there one in the near future? Yes, but I won"t ruin the surprise. If ns told girlfriend what to expect, climate it wouldn"t be a surprise!

Amy: will certainly there be much more books down the road?

Simon: A 2nd Simon"s Cat publication will arrive so late in 2010.

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Amy: If you could speak cat language what would you prefer to to speak to her cats?

Simon: "Could girlfriend just give me a couple of more minutes in bed!"

Amy: What has been the most surprising response you have acquired from her fans?

Simon: One lady obtained Simon"s Cat tattooed top top her back and sent out me a photo. I was amazed! I never ever expected anyone to get a Simon"s Cat tattoo. Perhaps I should get one now!

Amy: Love Meow has actually a cat mascot (Jackie). Execute you think Simon"s cat would get along with other kitties?

Simon: Definitely. There are other cats in the Simon"s Cat publication who are Simon"s Cat"s friends. He"s quite sociable in ~ night as soon as he goes out on the town.