Friends: What Monica Geller's middle Name could Be Monica Geller"s middle name was never revealed top top Friends, however it starts v an "E." Here"s what it could be based upon details native the NBC sitcom.

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Monica Geller"s middle name ~ above Friends remains as one of the lingering mysteries stemming native the well-known NBC sitcom. The character to be played through Courteney Cox for all 10 seasons, which covered from 1994 to 2004. Cox will quickly be reuniting with her Friends co-stars for a reunion special set to waiting on HBO Max in the near future.

Monica was one of the core characters on Friends alongside she brother, Ross Geller, she future husband, Chandler Bing, and close friends, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, and also Joey Tribbiani. She to be strong-willed and a bit neurotic as result of her upbringing. Monica"s apartment was one of the primary areas within the collection and she often served as the motherly number within the group. While few of her backstory and character details to be revealed throughout the series, not every little thing was totally explained.

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Monica"s center name was said to start with one "E", however the actual surname was never directly stated. In fact, she was simply one of 2 core characters whose complete name wasn"t revealed in Friends. Phoebe never ever learned her middle name since she didn"t have access to she birth certificate. The collection did, however, give full names through Chandler Muriel Bing, Rachel Karen Green, and Joseph Francis Tribbiani. Ross" middle name was never said in the show, yet the production details proclaimed the to be "Eustace." based on Ross" center name and the detail that it began with "E," there space a few options that can be plausible.

Friends Courtney Cox as Monica
There to be numerous characters on Friends with names that started with an "E." If the writers ever before picked a middle name for Monica, they probably wouldn"t have used it as the first name of one more character. By procedure of elimination, her center name wouldn"t have been Emma (Monica"s niece) or Erica (the surname of she daughter). It likewise probably wouldn"t have been Emily or Elizabeth (Ross" exes), despite the latter is a an extremely common name and also some fans predicted it to it is in Monica"s middle name in the past.

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Using a family name would certainly be possible but there were no female Gellers top top the family members tree with "E" names. Seeing as Ross" center name to be Eustace derived from Greek origin, Monica"s parents might have gone with something comparable for their younger child. Eunice is additionally from a Greek origin and it"s similar enough come Eustace to capture the eye of Jack and also Judy Geller. Seeing as the Geller family is half-Jewish, Esther could be a candidate preferred by Jack. For now, any kind of name would certainly be a guess, since it proceeds to be a lingering mystery from the series. Or, one can take a web page out of Phoebe"s playbook and call she "Monica Felula Geller." perhaps Phoebe wasn"t making up a middle name and also "Felula" began with a silent "E." maybe the Friends reunion one-of-a-kind will unearth a couple of new tidbits the trivia, consisting of the an enig of Monica"s full name.