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Christine Marie Evert network worth is
$35 Million

Christine Marie Evert Wiki Biography

Christine Marie Evert was born top top 21 December 1954, in fort Lauderdale, Florida USA, of part-Luxemburgish descent, and is a former tennis player, well-known for being the world No. 1 and for winning many titles and awards, including 18 cool Slam tournaments. Few of these awards encompass Lebair Sportsmanship Trophy, WITA Player service Award, Flo Hyman Award, ITF Phillippe Chartrier Award among others. Chris has additionally been inducted right into the worldwide Tennis hall of Fame. Although chris does no play tennis anymore, she is still involved in various tasks related come this sport.

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So how rich is kris Evert? it is estimated by resources that Chris’ network worth is over $35 million. Undoubtedly, she gained the greater part of she wealth throughout her career together a experienced tennis player from 1972-89. In spite of the truth that kris has ended her playing career together a tennis player, she is still hinvolved in many activities, i beg your pardon are now the main source of her net worth, as shown by her actual prize money having actually totaled less than $9 million.

Chris Evert net Worth $35 Million

Chris ended up being interested in tennis as soon as she was only five years old. Her father, Jimmy Evert, trained her and also soon she began participating in miscellaneous competitions, gaining an excellent results and also winning tournaments. Step by action Chris gained more experience and improved she skills, and in 1971 started participating in the professional tournaments, in i m sorry she accomplished really good results together a 17 year-old, and also ultimately end 17 years together an active professional. This, the course, had a vast impact ~ above the expansion of chris Evert’s net worth.

In 1974 she won the Wimbledon Tournament and also French Open, so her name ended up being even much more acclaimed and also known among other tennis players and also fans of this sport all over the world. In 1975 chris Evert became the world’s No. 1 tennis player and also this helped add to Chris’ net worth. ~ this Chris continued achieving good results in assorted tournaments and this made she even much more famous. During her career she completed a win-loss record of 90%, quiet the greatest in the open, expert era. She had 157 competition victories in singles play, and also 29 in doubles, consisting of winning the French open seven times, the US open six times, Wimbledon three times, and the Australian open up twice.

In 1989 kris Evert decision to retire indigenous her skilled career as a tennis player. During her career, Evert played against all the finest tennis players, consisting of Margaret Court, Billie-Jean King, Virginia Ruzici, Wendy Turnbull, Andrea Jaeger, Monica Seles, Nancy Richey Gunter, mar Joe Fernandez and also many others. Even after retiring from she career, kris was voted as Sportswoman that the Year and as the linked Press female Athlete the the Year. Currently Chris has her own tennis academy, and also works together a coach at the Saint Andrew’s School. What is more, Evert works as a commentator in ~ the ESPN, and also has likewise launched her own line that tennis apparel. These tasks are currently the main sources that her network worth.

If to talk about Chris’ less-than-private an individual life, in 1973 she ended up being engaged to then human being mens No. 1 tennis player Jimmy Connors, but sadly, your relationship ended in 1974. In 1979 kris married brother No. 1 tennis player john Lloyd, but in 1987 your marriage finished in divorce. One year later on Chris married downhill skier Andy Mill, with whom she has three children, yet the pair decided to finish their marriage in 2006. In 2008 Evert married star Australian golfer Greg Norman, but after one year their marital relationship ended. She has officially remained solitary since then, living and also working in Boca Raton, Florida.

Full NameChris Evert
Net Worth$35 Million
Date of BirthDecember 21, 1954
Place of BirthFort Lauderdale, Florida, unified States
Height5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Weight126 lbs (57 kg)
ProfessionTennis player, Actress
EducationAuburn University, in Auburn, Alabama
SpouseGreg Norman (m. 2008–2009), Andy Mill (m. 1988–2006), man Lloyd (m. 1979–1987)
ChildrenColton Jack, Alexander James, Nicholas Joseph
ParentsJimmy Evert, Colette Thompson
SiblingsJohn Evert, attracted Evert, Clare Evert, Jeanne Evert
NicknamesChris Evert-Lloyd , Christine Marie Evert , Christine Marie "Chris" Evert , kris , Poker face , ice Maiden
AwardsWinner: French open up (1974,75,79; 1983,85,86), Australian open (1982, 1984), Us open up (1975-78; 1980,82), Wimbledon (1974,76; 1981)
NominationsAssociated push Female Athlete the the Year, "Sportswoman that the Year" award (1976), "40 biggest Players the the TENNIS Era" (2005), global Tennis hall of reputation (2013)
Movies7 work in Hell (2015)
TV ShowsWimbledon (2004, Court Commentator), Trainwreck (2015), CSI: Crime Scene examination (2013)

1 Li Na is a maverick. That else would stand up to the centralized Chinese sports device as Li did, back in 2008, when she driven for more control over she career? Tennis has actually exploded in China. 116 million people watched Li victory the French Open. That kind of exposure is an essential to ours sport, and also it never ever would have happened without Li. She"s together a breath of new air. And like billy Jean King and also Martina Navratilova prior to her, Li Na has actually transcended her sport.
2Let"s no get lugged away here. In fact, feel free to tell your readers that i still have actually all mine teeth.
3I love long walking in the hills in Aspen. Breath the clean, new air is great. Plus, it provides me a cardiovascular workout and firms my legs. On request to pick a favourite workout.
4When notified that brothers tabloid The daily Mirror had proclaimed she "has the finest boobs in the business"; It"s high time the press ultimately got one thing right around me.

1Release that the book, "The Rivals: chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova - Their epos Duels and Extraordinary Friendships" by Johnette Howard. <2005>
2Release of she autobiography, "Chrissie: My own Story". <1982>
3(December 14) shown at a news conference the she and Greg Norman space engaged. <2007>
4Inadvertantly made headlines when Jim Everett attacked Jim Rome throughout an interview as soon as Rome, who had actually been mocking the quarterback through calling that "Chris Everett" on his radio show, dubbed him "Chris Everett" come his face. (6 April 1994).
5Is mentioned as the top character"s dream mrs on The barbarian Invasions (2003).
6Once involved to Jimmy Connors.
7Owns the highest possible winning portion in pro tennis history (.900; 1304-144)
8Graduate that St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Course of 1973 where she to be voted "Most likely to Succeed."
9Was reputed amongst the players to have had the finest repertoire of dirty jokes at the moment on the WTA tour.
10Reader poll in Penthouse"s FORUM newspaper awarded she the "loveliest legs in the world".
11Named by world magazine in 1980 as the "Sexiest female Athlete"
12Associated press Female Athlete that the Year 1974, 1975, 1977 & 1980
13Won the Australian open up (1982 and 84).
14Won Wimbledon (1974, 76 and 81).
15Won the US open up (1975, 76, 77, 78, 80, 82).
16Won the French open up (1974, 75, 79, 80, 83, 85 and 86).
17Tennis commentator for NBC.
18Appeared in 52 semi-finals of the 56 cool slam event (1974-1986).
19Fourth player chosen unanimously come the Tennis hall of reputation (1995).
20She is a vegetarian.

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21Sons v Andy Mill: Alexander James (b. October 12, 1991), Nicholas Joseph (b. June 8, 1994), and Colton Jack (b. June 14, 1996).