A turnover in basketball is at any time a team loses possession that the ball and also the other team profit possession. This happens in a selection of ways, in basic either they take place through efficient defense or attack mistakes.

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Basketball Violations


A violation is a turnover prefer a foul, but much more focused ~ above the rules of the game like dribbling, and timing rules. Violations result in a turnover and also in part cases cost-free throws in enhancement to possession that the ball. Below is a list of violate in basketball:

Dead sphere In Basketball


Not every turnovers result in a dead ball. Rebounds and also steals space turnovers, however the ball remains live and also play continues. If any type of foul or violation is referred to as by a referee, it"s a dead ball and also the ball and must it is in brought back in with a throw-in or run ball. A deal sphere will also occur if the round goes out of bounds. This is a turnover when the ball is critical touched through the offense therefore transforming possession of the ball.

Basketball boundary Lines

The boundary lines on a basketball court room the sidelines and also baselines. If a player actions on or the cross these boundary lines through the ball he is the end of bounds. Stepping out of bounds outcomes in a turnover. After a player measures out that bounds, the other team have to put the ball right into play v a throw-in.


Basketball Rebounds

A fag is a when a player catches the round after a shot effort misses the net. Rebounds can occur off the backboard or out of the air through an airball. Rebounds are thought about turnovers since the possession changes, yet the ball continues to be live.


Basketball Steals

A steal is when a defensive player bring away the ball either from an intercepted pass or by swiping the ball out that the dribbler"s hands. After ~ a steal, the ball continues to be live and play continues. Steals are a huge component of the game, as great defenses excel at taking the round from the opposition. The defense can force turnovers by making use of a push defense, setting traps, and using energetic hands.

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Basketball Fouls

A foul is a turnover that happens when a player impedes an opposing player top top the court verbally or physically. There are lots of fouls in basketball about shooting, unsportsmanlike conduct, and also physical contact. Below are the types of fouls in basketball: