The main difference between meiosis II and mitosis is the the meiosis II essentially occurs in haploid cells that have gone with meiosis I whereas the mitosis greatly occurs in diploid cells. Moreover, meiosis II wake up in the manufacturing of gametes in sexual reproduction if mitosis occurs in asexual reproduction. 

Meiosis II and also mitosis are two varieties of cabinet division. Meiosis I and also II space the two steps the meiosis in i beg your pardon the variety of chromosomes in the parental cell to reduce by half. Throughout mitosis, the variety of chromosomes in the parent cell stays the same in their daughter cells. 

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What is Meiosis II 

Meiosis II is the second step that the meiosis. Meiosis is the type of cell division, which occurs throughout the manufacturing of gametes. The two procedures of meiosis space meiosis I and II. During meiosis I, combine homologous chromosomes room separated right into two daughter cells. These two daughter cells space haploid and they undergo meiosis II individually. The four steps of meiosis II are prophase 2, metaphase 2, anaphase 2, and also telophase 2.

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Figure 1: Meiosis I and Meiosis II

Prophase 2 – Chromatids are thickened and the 2nd spindle apparatus is formed rotated by 90 levels with respect come the an initial spindle apparatus.Metaphase 2 – individual chromosomes are aligned at the cell equator and also spindle microtubules room attached come the centromere. Anaphase 2 – sister chromatids space separated from the centromere and also start to move towards opposing poles. Telophase 2 – sister chromosomes type the daughter nuclei and the spindle device disappears.

What is Mitosis 

Mitosis is the vegetative kind of cabinet division, which outcomes in daughter cells v the exact same chromosome number v respect come the parental cell. It proceeds with prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and also telophase. The procedure is very similar to the of meiosis II. But, prior to entering the prophase, the cells undergo interphase where DNA replication and protein synthesis compelled for the cell department take place.


Figure 2: Mitosis

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Prophase – during early prophase, the cell core of the parental cell disappears. Copied chromosomes room condensed. The mitotic spindle is formed. Metaphase – individual chromosomes room arranged in the cabinet equator. Each centromere is attached come a spindle microtubule. Anaphase – 2 sister chromatids room separated from the centromere as result of the pulling pressure of the spindle microtubules and also they begin to relocate towards the contrary poles the the cell. Telophase – sisters chromosomes space at opposing poles and the daughter nuclei are formed. 

Similarities between Meiosis II and also Mitosis 

Meiosis II and mitosis are two varieties of cabinet division. Both meiosis II and mitosis continue through prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Separation, personal, instance chromosomes room arranged in the cabinet equator in both types of divisions. Both types of departments separate sister chromatids indigenous chromosomes. Both develop two daughter cells from a parental cell. The ploidy that the parent cell remains the exact same in daughter cells. Both varieties of divisions are adhered to by cytokinesis in order to an outcome in two daughter cells.

Difference between Meiosis II and Mitosis 


Meiosis II describes the 2nd step that meiosis in which the number of chromosomes is diminished by half while mitosis is the vegetative cell department in which the number of chromosomes continues to be the same. 


Meiosis II is the 2nd step the meiosis when mitosis is a solitary step process.


Meiosis II occurs with prophase 2, metaphase 2, anaphase 2, and also telophase 2 if mitosis occurs with prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and also telophase.

Occur in 

Meiosis II occurs in the manufacturing of gametes during sexual reproduction when mitosis occurs in the vegetative cell division or asexual reproduction. 

Parent cells 

The parental cells the involve in meiosis II room haploid conversely, the parent cells that involve in the mitosis room diploid.


No interphase occurs before meiosis II if interphase occurs prior to mitosis in i beg your pardon the DNA replication is taken place. 


Meiosis II occurs because that days or mainly while mitosis occurs for 2 days. 


No nucleoli appear at the finish of meiosis II while nucleoli appear in the daughter nuclei together a result of mitosis. 


Meiosis II is the second step of meiosis, i m sorry occurs throughout the manufacturing of gametes. Mitosis is the vegetative cabinet division. Meiosis II wake up in the haploid cell meiosis II basically occurs in haploid cell that have actually gone v meiosis ns while mitosis occurs in diploid cells. The key difference in between meiosis II and mitosis is the ploidy of the parent cells. 


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