I will be asking several questions favor this. I have actually to number out the names of the shapes of many parts that we make. I have looked, but the internet has actually failed me for number of shapes. Here"s the very first one:


It"s usually a rectangle through a semicircle on optimal of it. Don"t understand if that would have actually a different name if it to be a square instead of a rectangle, yet it yes, really doesn"t matter.

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Thank you an extremely much for all your help and all your help to come for my various other shape questions.



there is a shape referred to as a stadium. Girlfriend could contact this shape a half stadium.

Wikipedia connect to the stadium shapehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadium_(geometry)#:~:text=A%20stadium%20is%20a%20two,%2C%20obround%2C%20or%20sausage%20body.


I have made this reasoning: an eyelet is composed of two semicircles and a rectangle (or two semirectangle), then a semicircle and a semirectangle will be referred to as a semieyelet.


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If a tesseract is come a cube what a cube is to a square, what is to a round as a round is to a circle? What about rectangle, ring, triangle?

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