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Raccoon Facts

Raccoons are very intelligent and also curious creatures, yet they can likewise be a nuisance to any type of homeowner. These nocturnal mammals can damage gardens, do a chaos by tipping over rubbish cans, and also can cause structural damage in search of food. On this page, you will certainly learn basic raccoon facts and how to determine raccoon damage.

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General Raccoon Facts

clinical Name: Procyon lotor mean Size: 12" tall; 24-38" long; 14-23 lbs. Average Lifespan in the Wild: 2-3 year Identifying Features: Gray hair with a black mask and also 4-7 black color rings approximately its tail; pointy snout v a black color nose; dexterous prior paws.

Raccoon Geography

Raccoons room natively uncovered throughout many of north America. Recently, raccoons have emerged in parts of Europe and also Japan.


Raccoon Habitat

Traditionally, raccoons prefer heavily wooded areas with accessibility to trees, water and also abundant vegetation. There, they do their dens in the hollow components of trees and abandoned burrows, traveling approximately 18 miles to forage for food.

Raccoons are extremely adaptable. They are often uncovered in suburban and urban areas, do their homes in fabricated structures like attics, sewers, barns and also sheds. In urban areas, raccoons often tend to stay closer to your dens with a variety of only around 1 mile, depending on their age and also sex.

Raccoon Diet

Raccoons room omnivores with an opportunistic diet; eating nearly anything they can obtain their paws on. In metropolitan areas, wherein wildlife and fresh vegetation space limited, raccoons will be more likely come eat human being food and also invade trashcans. The bulk of your diet is composed of sweet foodstuffs like fruits and also invertebrates.

Some favorite foods include:


Raccoon Behavior

Activity: Nocturnal in nature, raccoons are mostly active at nighttime. They space most active in spring, summer and also fall, and also will sleep in their dens for most of the winter. Reproduction: Reproduction begins in so late winter. Females, or sows, usually provide birth to 1-6 baby kit in April or May. Mother are an extremely protective of your young till they different after around a year. Social Interaction: Raccoons space independent after 12-14 month of age. Adults live in loosened knit communities of 4 - 5 raccoons for far better protection versus predators. Communication: Raccoons communicate with each various other using end 200 different sounds and 12-15 various calls. Skills: Raccoons possess impressive dexterity that gives them the capacity to open up doors, jars, bottles and latches. They space also good climbers, which allows them to far better access food and also shelter.

Identify Raccoon Damage


Raccoons have the right to be extremely damaging due to your curiosity, intelligence, dexterity and also climbing skills.

Here space some signs to assist identify a raccoon problem:

tipped trash can be ~ raided bird feeders pilfered gardens damaged plants (ex. Chewed sweet corn, hollowed the end watermelons) uncapped chimneys take it shingles raccoon tracks: five long toes and also fingers resembling human hands

Raccoon Diseases

Raccoons can carry several bacterial diseases and also parasites that deserve to betransfer come humans and pets v a bite or the sloop down of raccoon waste.

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Some illness that can impact humans and also pets include:

leptospirosis salmonella roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) rabies

Although raccoons are infamous for transferring rabies, there has only to be one videotaped human fatality from raccoon rabies in the united States. Some signs that a raccoon may have actually rabies include aggressiveness, inexplicable vocalization, and also excessive drool or foam native the mouth. If friend think you might have determined a rabid raccoon, contact your local pet control authority immediately.

Fun Facts

A raccoon will rinse that is food in water before eating it. Once there is no water nearby by, a raccoon will certainly still obstacle its food to remove debris. Cats cannot taste sweet foods, as result of a absence of sweet taste buds. Some hypothesize the the objective of a raccoon"s black mask is to reduce glare, helping it to see far better in the dark. A group of raccoons is referred to as a nursery. Return raccoons just live 2-3 year in the wild, a raccoon can live up to two decades in captivity.

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