Music fans who dream of gaining close enough at a concert to very closely see or also touch the action they're watching will certainly be excited by what one 11-year-old girl skilled at a Maroon 5 concert on Saturday.Rachel long attended the band's display at the PNC bank Arts facility in Holmdel, N.J. Tickets were a birthday gift from she aunt Colleen Long, and also with two friends, Rachel to be seated about 19 rows from


Rachel Long, center, and her friends, Amanda and also Christina, pose v the guitar that Adam Levine offered to Rachel on Saturday in Holmdel,
Music fans who dream of acquiring close sufficient at a concert to very closely see or also touch the act they"re watching will certainly be excited by what one 11-year-old girl competent at a Maroon 5 concert top top Saturday.

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Rachel lengthy attended the band"s show at the PNC bank Arts facility in Holmdel, N.J. Tickets to be a birthday gift from her aunt Colleen Long, and with 2 friends, Rachel was seated around 19 rows from the stage.

But after Kelly Clarkson"s opening set, Rachel and also her girlfriend Amanda and Christina made their means down to where they to be able come watch every one of Maroon 5 at lead singer Adam Levine"s feet, according to Colleen Long.

Toward the finish of the concert, throughout the song "Payphone," Levine spotted Rachel. In a video clip posted top top YouTube, the singer deserve to be watched (at the 3:30 mark) unstrapping his guitar and also handing the down into the crowd.

And in another video on YouTube, Levine is viewed speaking to Rachel and her aunt, after discovering who he"d just made his gift to.

"Rachel you"ve got to promise me you"re gonna learn how to play the guitar, OK?" Levine said. "I mean, the guitar"s bigger 보다 you, but you"re the cutest human being I"ve ever seen in my life. I"m happy you have it."

For Rachel, a 5th grader native Hohokus, N.J., that calls Maroon 5 her favourite band, the whole episode was certainly a surprise.

"I to be a tiny bit shocked and my eye were sort of teary," she told ~ above Monday. "I just couldn"t believe that this happened." She originally thought Levine was reaching down come high-five her and her friends.

Security at the meet made sure that Rachel, her aunt and also her friends had an escort come their vehicle after the show, as other fans clearly wanted to get a hand top top the guitar.

"The defense guy carried it prefer it to be the Stanley Cup," lengthy said. "Girls wanted to acquire their snapshot taken v it."

"I began playing etc at very early age and was fortunate sufficient to have actually parents that loved music, too, and also supported me," Levine stated Tuesday in a statement to "I arisen this heat of guitars with first Act particularly for brand-new players and so as soon as I observed Rachel upfront at the show, and how into the performance she was, it motivated me to offer her the guitar. I hope she learns just how to play!"

Rachel, whose experience with musical tools starts and also ends v the recorder, said the etc is in she bedroom and also that it"ll do a an excellent show-and-tell item as soon as school starts.

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As for learning to play, together instructed by Levine?

Long take it the surprised out her next gift for her niece, saying she to plan to obtain Rachel guitar lessons for Christmas.