My fiance was baptised (as well together communion and confirmed) in a catholic church in Sicily and is can not to achieve his baptism certificate. What carry out we do in this situation? can we still acquire married in the Church?

A recently-issued copy of the baptismal record is compelled for a Catholic marital relationship for a pair reasons.

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First, and also most importantly, it creates the truth that the human being in inquiry is undoubtedly a baptized Catholic.

Secondly, the demonstrates that the human is presumably free come marry. Had the human been married in the Catholic Church, an alert of the wedding should/would have been sent to the parish the baptism. The truth of the marriage would have been tape-recorded in the parish it is registered and, therefore, top top the baptismal certificate. It is why certificates need to have been issued relatively recently.

Thirdly, it provides information wherein this notice should it is in sent as soon as the wedding is complete.

Baptismal documents are sometimes challenging to get. Language barriers, destruction of buildings and record books, war, lack of expertise of whereby one was i was baptized … all of these and other reasons, not to point out lazy priests, hinder attempts.

If a record is impossible to obtain, there room a pair possible solutions.

Someone that was in reality at the baptism can provide testimony. If the one baptized was an adult, he can attest to his own baptism. Photographs, notices, family members letters can sometimes be provided to prove the truth of baptism. In part cases, proof of an initial Holy Communion or a confirmation certificate have the right to be used.

There would certainly be an explanation of why a certificate was not obtained. Just due to the fact that the baptism took location overseas is not a good reason. All Catholic parishes, with the whole world, are required to keep these records. Over there would additionally need to be testimony bring away from people who knew the person throughout his marriageable years, who could attest that the person had not been previously married.

In a worst-case scenario, if over there is absolutely no objective proof forthcoming the the person had actually been baptized, and also no witnesses who have the right to attest come this, the human being could be conditionally baptized. This is a last-resort option, since we really need to do every little thing we have the right to to avoid providing conditional sacraments.

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This is also a factor why marital relationships at SSPX chapels and totally independent and also fringe chapels room so problematic. There are concerns not only of validity but additionally of record keeping.