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"What ns Like around You" Season 1 stars: Wesley Jonathan, Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth, and David De Lautour.Credit: composite: Wb-Tv / Kobal / Shutterstock

If you"re frantically searching for the following serotonin-boosting show to lift her exhausted, delicate spirits, What i Like about You — a vastly underrated sitcom that aired top top the WB nearly two decades ago — is finally available to stream.

Picture this: It"s 2002. All her present-day worries are in the interim suspended as you"re mentally transported come a less complicated time — one where people frequented Blockbuster, flared jeans and Ugg boots were fashion staples, Maroon 5"s Songs around Jane was just released, and the sound the laugh monitor didn’t do you cringe.

In this distant yet refreshingly acquainted world, a teenage Amanda Bynes theatre Holly Tyler, one exuberant 16-year-old who"s dealing with a significant life crisis. Holly"s dad just got a new job in Japan and he expects her to uproot her life to relocate with him. (The audacity!) if he flies out to gain settled, Holly top to brand-new York City for a week come crash v her high-strung 28-year-old sister, Valerie (Jennie Garth). In really hopes of make the short-lived living case permanent, Holly do the efforts to to convince Val the she"d be a perfect roommate, however instead proves to be a massive, albeit lovable, intrusion.


Editorial use only. No publication cover usage. Causing obligation Credit: photo by Wb-Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock (5870944b) Amanda Bynes, Jennie Garth What i Like about You - 2002 WB-TV USA TelevisionCredit: Wb-Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock

Val and also Holly may be sisters, but if the weren"t because that the shared last surname you"d have a hard time believing they"re related. Val is a quiet perfectionist that thrives amidst organization and also order. She hardly ever cuts loose, and the sheer thought of breaking the rules could make her an episode in hives. Holly, ~ above the various other hand, likes to have actually fun. She"s one outgoing, clumsy, accident-prone chaos magnet who constantly find herself in precarious positions. Essentially, she"s the anti-Val, so it renders sense the the 2 sisters battle to co-exist. Their opposing individualities serve together a continuous source of stress and anxiety throughout the series, but Holly and also Val ultimately balance each various other out. Together they navigate careers, romantic relationships, friendships, heartbreak, and major milestones over the course of 4 seasons, you"ll discover their chemistry and unique dynamic impossible to resist.

Though the females are an ext than capable of commanding the display on their own, Season 1 likewise introduces a charming BFF, Gary (Wesley Jonathan), and also a restaurant-owning boyfriend, Jeff (Simon Rex). As the series progresses, new noteworthy characters — including Henry (Michael McMillan), Vince (Nick Zano), Lauren (Leslie Grossman), and also Tina (Allison Munn) — get in the Tyler girls" lives, too, and also get captured up in the seemingly countless string of hijinks nearly immediately.

What i like about it

As someone who adored What ns Like about You as soon as it was on the air and spent years watching reruns on Freeform and also Nickelodeon, I"m no afraid to say I obtained emotional upon learning that every 86 episodes began streaming top top HBO Max in January 2021. The news is huge for early fans looking come reacquaint themselves with the show, but it"s also great for a brand-new audience — anyone in the mood because that a gentle, low-stakes, comfort binge.

Bynes appears effortlessly authentic, prefer she to be born come play the zestful Holly Tyler.

There"s a lot to like, and also love, about What ns Like about You, however the heaping dose of soul-soothing nostalgia the sitcom delivers is one of its ideal present-day draws. The collection is favor a digital time capsule filled v music, pop culture references, technology, fashion trends, and also familiar faces from decades past. You"ll recognize a bunch of famous cameos consisting of Tony Hawk, Megan Fox, penn Badgely, Jenna Fischer, and also Jesse McCartney. And if you"re a 90210 fan, brace yourself, due to the fact that you"ll see Jennie Garth reunite with Ian Ziering, Luke Perry, and also Jason Priestley, together well.

What i Like around You plainly has its same share that star power, yet no one shines brighter 보다 Bynes, that was fresh off The Amanda present and huge Fat Liar as soon as the pilot aired in 2002. From the first scene whereby Holly plops herself down in her dad’s suitcase come protest relocating (then drastically tumbles the end of it) Bynes captivates. Her endearing, signature style of feeling radiates off the screen and repeatedly forces a laugh on your face. Bynes shows up effortlessly authentic, prefer she was born come play the zestful Holly Tyler, and also watching her confidently carry the personality while flawlessly ricocheting between silly and serious will certainly remind you of her incredible talent and range.

If you"ve ever thought about yourself a pan of Amanda Bynes, What ns Like around You is essential viewing.


Editorial usage only. No book cover usage. Causing obligation Credit: picture by Wb-Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock (5870944a) Amanda Bynes, Nick Zano What i Like about You - 2002 WB-TV USA TelevisionCredit: Wb-Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock

Aside indigenous a collection of ridiculously implausible scenarios that would certainly only occur on television, there"s nothing specifically groundbreaking about What i Like about You"s storyline. However that"s what renders the display so remarkable. It"s a classic sitcom about family, friends, and dating the checks every the wanted boxes. It has gorgeous apartments filled v exposed brick and also PB Teen-style decor that will certainly leave you envious. It has cozy restaurants and also bakeries that make for perfect team meeting spots. And it has actually sexual tension, crushes, and also love triangles galore.

Like plenty of shows from 2002, the series hasn"t aged perfectly, however the majority still holds increase today. As is the case with various other old shows that have been adapted for streaming (looking at you, Dawson"s Creek) the initial What i Like about You theme song — a lively Lillix cover of The Romantics jam, "What i Like around You" — has also been changed with a song that"s far less fitting. Thankfully, you deserve to still view the initial Season 1 and later season openings online.

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If you"re a pan of women-led comedies choose Gilmore Girls, sibling shows choose Sister, Sister and also the short-lived Mary-Kate and also Ashley sitcom So little Time, or collection that follow roommates and friend teams like new Girl or Friends, city hall What ns Like around You should be a no brainer. If girlfriend unironically watched the Teen selection Awards in your youth, you fan it to you yourself to party this show as one adult. And if you commonly scour streaming platforms searching for a gentle, feel-good surprise gems, the series deserves the height spot on your "To Watch" list.

I never ever thought at age 27 I"d it is in devouring — let alone taking comfort in — a TV present I started watching once I to be nine year old, however here ns am. Ns flew with all 4 seasons in less than 4 days (in mine defense, each episode is just a breezy 20 minutes) and also I appreciated the year of joyful memories and beloved characters that came flooding earlier to me. The show is a reminder the no issue how closely you setup your life, points can, and also in all likelihood will acquire thrown turn off course. It"s a reminder come stay strong and go v the flow, and I can"t think of a much better time to internalize that message.