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I was at the local Halloween city store and also I saw the store worker cutting fog juice with water? I have actually never heard of this...any thoughts??

Nope. However it"s no a an excellent idea anyway uneven they"re making use of distilled water as consistent tap water could gum up a machine with mineral deposits. Most fog juice is a mix that water and glycol-based or glycerin-based fluids, and also the means fog machines work is by heater up the mixture for this reason it deserve to be vaporized through the tiny display screen easily and also float a little (heat rises) so in theory, if lock were making use of distilled water, that would just provide much more initial to explode of fog (steam) that would dissipate quicker in my opinion. Since it"s a keep display, they most likely don"t care around the display"s lengthy term survival and also just want to bump up the fogger"s production without running with gobs that fog juice.


Fog juice is typically not the expensive on virtual stores. No require to cut it and as others have said, depending upon the water used it may clog her machine.

I have actually never had to refill mine foggers throughout a three hour period so ns am not certain why anyone would cut it. But, if spirit breaks the machine, castle will just put it back in the box and sell it for 50% off the job after Halloween.
I was in reality instructed to placed distilled water in mine fog juice, yet that"s because I to be told come by Froggy"s Fog. I have a 400 watt fogger, and also the fog to be formulated to run with a 1000 watt machine. I had actually actually emailed castle in regards to this and also was told: "We recommend cutting swamp juice with 1/3 distilled water."If you buy the continuous stuff from soul or Halloween City, don"t stroked nerves cutting it v water. It"s currently watered down sufficient to run with a 400 watt machine, because that"s most of what they sell anyway.
I have actually never had actually to refill my foggers during a three hour duration so ns am not sure why anyone would cut it. But, if heart breaks the machine, they will simply put it ago in the box and also sell it because that 50% turn off the day after Halloween.

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Or sell it virtual for complete price to unsuspecting dopes choose me.
(Never buying an additional one of your foggers again.)
"You need to be Igor." "No, it"s pronounced "Eye-gor"." "They told me it was Igor." well they to be wrong then, weren"t they?"
I feel her pain. I bought two little ones indigenous Halloween City in ~ 50% off. Ns was like, at the very least one has to work. Take it both the them the end of the box the complying with year- and nada. Notified Chauvet equipments from Amazon- no problem. My only difficulty is that ns am only obtaining 3 years the end of any kind of fogger. And also I have actually tried juice in, juice out, clean, don"t clean and everything in between.
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