“He kills. The creeps. He goes home.” Lonnie says in Halloween Kills while tracking a map of Haddonfield littered through Michael’s victims. It’s virtually as if he’s viewed all the other movies in the Halloween franchise.

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Michael, indeed, always seems to go home. Have we ever really request why? like so plenty of other points in the franchise, they’ve hinted but never told. Keeping Myers a mystery. The way it have to be. The doesn’t stop us from pontificating.

In that spirit, while analysis through Tim Waggoner’s newly released Halloween Kills novelization something captured my attention.

When relenten the flashback step in the start of the film in i m sorry young Hawkins is about to be in search of Michael Myers for the an initial time, the writer fills in some empty spaces for his reader (all that which had actually to be authorized by Producers).

He mentions that Hawkins had no idea what occurred to young Michael’s parental after the events of that fateful night as soon as he stabbed his sister. One day they were “simply gone, their home empty.” The gossip approximately town consisted of the idea they packed up and also went somewhere else to have an additional child and also start a new family. That the memories of the house and also town to be understandably simply too painful.

This has actually me thinking…is component of Michael’s rage the reality that he’s just trying to uncover his Mom and Dad?

All we understand is this. Michael is a kid. He sees a guy go upstairs and have the faster sex ever before with his sister. The puts top top a clown mask. He kills her. His parents present up and we never ever see lock again. Presumably, neither walk he. Loomis has in a sense come to be the closest point he needs to a parent. When he escapes Smith’s Grove he goes home. He death a dog. Mom and Dad aren’t there. Laurie reflects up. She literally his only clue in ~ this point. A young girl (who in the other timeline is his sister however not in our current timeline) shows up at his door. Walk she know where his mom and also dad are? far better follow her and also ask. Possibly murder all her friends and design an elaborate set piece of your dead body for she to walk with first. Yes, really break the ice.

It’s here where my theory runs out of vapor a small but no completely. He certainly wants to get her every alone, right? he kills every her friends and never yes, really goes because that the “kill shot” with Laurie. Think around it. He has actually a clear shot at her at the top of the staircase. She’s gained her earlier to him and also is vast open because that the attack and also he inexplicably cuts….the next of she arm? probably he yes, really was just trying to find his Mom and Dad. Maybe he assumed she was the only one that knew wherein they were. Perhaps it’s why she’s the only babysitter who made it through that night.


Fast front to 2018’s Halloween. Michael division out. That starts to kill. House to house like a murderer top top a rampage. Or a lost child trying to find his means home who likewise happens to it is in a murderer ~ above a rampage? later that night as Michael is wade aimlessly in the night he’s hit by one SUV and also his doctor gets every freaky with his mask and also throws the in the ago of a cop car, drives him into the middle of the woods… and away indigenous his destination. That’s why he gets his confront stomped choose a watermelon. As Lonnie says, Michael was simply trying to gain home.

When Michael lastly arrives home in Kills, his totality house has been redecorated and there space two dudes life in it. Small John and large John. He killing them, the course. Mom and also Dad no home but we never really gain a opportunity to check out what that planned to carry out next because Lonnie, Allyson and Cameron present up.

After the massacre in the street Karen renders her way back to the house thinking Michael is dead. Allyson claims to she the exact same thing her Mother had told her around her Father, beam dying. “He’ll always be through us. Also if he’s no here” (That may not be precisely right, ns paraphrasing). I beg your pardon is a confusing heat at the moment. Is she talking about her Dad quiet or is she to express the damage Michael has inflicted on she family?

Either way, the line moves Karen come look up at the window and think of young Michael Myers staring out of the window. Can she have actually realized when Allyson referenced shedding her Father exactly what this write-up is hinting at? that Michael just wants his Mom and Dad?

Karen climate goes upstairs, fucks around and also finds out. Michael murders she psycho style then does what, exactly? Stares the end the window. Favor a kid. Wait for his parents to come home.

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I realize over there is a fat possibility in hell this transforms out to be David Gordon Green’s arc for Michael. It’s just exciting to think about. All this speak of “None that us room innocent” and also seemingly derivative storylines choose the mental patient who is forced to his fatality by the mob. Jamie Lee Curtis saying the following movie is going to make human being angry? It pipeline the door open up that David Gordon Green and his creating team room considering do Myers an virtually sympathetic serial killer in Halloween Ends. Well, not so lot that Michael is sympathetic since he’s a murder device from hell. Fairly that the town is just as lot to reference for numerous of these deaths as he is due to the fact that they placed themselves in harms means by projecting your own an individual agenda’s onto his blank white face. He doesn’t give a damn around all the scary Haddonfield citizens screaming “Evil die tonight!” he’s just trying to find his Mom and also Dad.