This write-up is about Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas. She is an only child of Dorothy Jean Dandridge. Dandridge was a famous African American singer who doubled up as a theater and film actress. Let’s delve into finer details of Harolyn’s life. I will tell girlfriend what taken place to her and also offer clarity on whether or no she is quiet alive.

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What happened To Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas? Is She tho Alive?

It is currently impossible because that one to state without a doubt whether Harolyn Suzanne is still lively or not. There, however, were speculations law rounds the she to be taken ill and also may have actually passed ~ above in 2003. Nonetheless, this are just speculations and remain as such. Part sources case that the corpse that Ms. Harolyn walk unclaimed and was buried by state officials.

That new version of she story keeps comes up each day renders it quite tough to ascertain whether Harolyn is still lively or not. Some claim she is still held up in a psychological facility that is located in California. If this unverified insurance claim is additionally true, climate Harolyn will turn 75 this year.

According to our views, Harolyn could still be alive, however owing come the truth that she mother gave her approximately the state, information on her cannot it is in disclosed to just anyone.


As currently mentioned, Harolyn is the daughter the Dorothy Jean. She father is Harold Nicholas. Her mother was a songstress and also her father was a popular dancer, a member of two member run group. Dorothy and Harolyn to be married because that nine years prior to they obtained separated in 1951. She to be born v some inabilities i beg your pardon were caused by brain damage the had impacted the center of she brain. She can not talk properly, and also her acknowledgment senses had actually a problem.

These disabilities do a challenge, especially to her mother who was ruined by having actually her daughter unable to even recognize her. Her mom passed on in 1965 and also her dad in 2000.

Birthdate; age

Harolyn to be born on September 2, 1943. If Harolyn Suzane Nicolas is tho alive, then she will hit 75 in September this year. She to be born through a psychological state that interfered through her body features causing them no to function normally. This was a big challenge to her parents, and her dad Mr. Harold is claimed to have abandoned lock with little or no support. Her mother struggled come raiseHarolyn on she own, yet even she later gave up and also gave up she parental rights to the state.


Suzanne to be born 74 years ago to Dorothy and Nicholas. She had a health challenge that resulted in her part inabilities due to the fact that birth. She underwent unique treatment and also cared to help correct the situation, yet I was not successful, something that caused her mommy to wallow in self-blame.

She felt choose she was to reprimand for her daughter’s condition. She was later offered up for care after she parents separated and her mommy was can not to take care of she on her own. Below is her summary.

Name:Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas
Date the Birth:2nd September 1943
Illness:Cerebral Anoxia
Age: She Will turn 75 This Year If She Is quiet Alive
Parents:Dorothy Dandridge, Nicholas Harold.

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