Function and structure room related,because that a details structure a living thing make contain renders the objectfunction the means it does. The space a lot of structural future in humans, plants,animal and all living things. The partnership of a structure and duty isthe structuring level from molecules to organism ensure effective functioningin all living organism and also living system. Keep in mind one structure can have multiplefunction.From my under standing framework and duty can be broken down in to several component like chemistry level which attend to atoms proton etc as the structure and what they perform is the function.

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Classificationof living Things

Living points are inserted into groups based on both structure andfunctional similarities.For example, bacteria space prokaryotic cells,which method they absence a true nucleus.These are structural characteristics.Afunctional characteristicwhich specifies bacteria is that theyreproduce by binary fission.Plant cells are structurally different toother cells since they save a large main vacuole and also plastids such aschloroplasts.These structure features additionally support a plant’s function,since the existence of chloroplasts permits the tree to lug out photosynthesisExampleof a structure and also function:

Aminoacids structure straight affects that function. That a lock and key method thatcannot job-related unless the framework fit together. Once they fit lock can bring outthe function of increasing a chemistry process.


Chemical level– the structure ofmolecules determines the nature of substances, which, in turn, determinetheir functions.For example, the chemical framework of metals enables themto command electricity, which makes metals advantageous as conductors


Cellular level– the structure ofcells is linked to your function.For example, lung cells are very thin,which permits gases come diffuse conveniently through the cells.

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There space several types of cellular procedures that take place in the cells ofliving things.Photosynthesisis the processwhere tree cells use sunlight power to develop glucose and also oxygen.Theopposite process to this iscellular