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But that, too, is a myth: the Irish do not have actually a higher rate of mental illness than anyone else, and never had. While we had more mental hospital beds per head of populace than any kind of other country in the mid-1900s, this was because of an epidemic the asylums quite than an epidemic of psychological illness. We mixed poor laws v poverty and a deadly weakness because that institutions, resulting in mass institutionalisation. It appears unlikely that any kind of of this was as result of a absence of psychoanalysis, i m sorry co-existed with huge asylums in the USA (Freudianism scarcely related with freedom and also might, in fact, be its opposite), however I intend one never really knows. And regardless of even if it is or not he make the disputed statement, maybe Freud did think the ireland were impervious to psychoanalysis, and also perhaps he to be right, and perhaps the is where all the trouble started.

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None the this, interestingly, stopped self-exiled Irish authors dipping right into the well-off well that psychoanalytic concept in their lives and work. Maybe the Church"s opposition actually motivated them. Many famously, James Joyce brought his troubled daughter, Lucia, to Carl Jung in Switzerland because that psychoanalysis. Jung"s therapy programme focussed top top writing, translate of dreams, and analysis of various kinds the transference. While Lucia"s an exact diagnosis varied between doctors, with some pointing towards psychosis and others towards neurosis, she shows up to have had schizophrenia. This was, essentially, Jung"s conclusion too: while that felt that Lucia"s father was a genius, he believed Lucia was mentally ill. Both father and also daughter had entered a river, yet James to be diving, Lucia falling.
In fact, Lucia was drowning. She was consistently hospitalised. In 1962, ireland writer Samuel Beckett donated his re-superstructure of the royalties indigenous a 1929 essay the wrote around Joyce"s Finnegans Wake to aid pay she hospital bills. Beckett, prefer Joyce, had an interest in psychoanalysis and, in 1933, commenced 2 years" treatment v psychoanalyst Wilfred Bion in ~ London"s Tavistock Clinic. Subtle psychoanalytic themes penetrate Beckett"s work, as perform overtly psychiatric ones: component of his 1951 novel Malone Dies is set in a psychiatric hospital. Most of all, though, Beckett"s writings existing a an important and really Irish counterpoint to psychoanalysis: when both Beckett and the analysts plunge headlong right into the psyche, Beckett"s chiselled, searing prose contrasts with both Freud"s pedantry and also Jung"s psychedelia, and also offers a literate, working approach of mind the vastly surpasses both.
So where does all of this gain us? in spite of high prices of psychiatric admissions, the irish never had actually a greater rate the mental disease than any type of other people. The absence of psychoanalysis in Ireland is certainly linked with the Church"s opposition to it, but other factors were also relevant, including a absence of medical interest and Ireland"s precarious perch top top the edge of Europe. Also so, ireland writers, including Joyce and also Beckett, verified no apprehension in engaging through psychoanalysis, frequently quite profoundly. And also finally, regardless of whether or no Freud claimed that the Irish room impervious to psychoanalysis, there is no specific reason come imagine that ireland life is any kind of the worse because that a lack of psychoanalysis, return most cultures would likely benefit from greater exposure to Freud himself who, regardless of his occasionally pedestrian prose, shone a irradiate into locations of person life that seldom receive the attention they merit, also today.
All the which brings me to the third reason why ns dragged my astonishingly tolerant, lot put-upon mam to a it will be cold Vienna critical November: 8 years ago, for reasons that stay obscure also to me, I made decision to read all 24 volumes of the Standard edition of the finish Psychological functions of Sigmund Freud, in ~ the price of one volume every year. I compose an essay each year in the Irish medical Times and am at this time reading (and enjoying) Jokes and their relationship to the Unconscious (1905). It is funny. And also while ns am not precisely searching because that Freud"s quote about the Irish, i am maintaining my eye the end for it. There"s no authorize of that yet, yet I"ll let you understand if the appears.

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We exit the Vienna Freud Museum through the gift shop. I buy a Freud keyring, a Freud umbrella, and also two Freud frisbees, because that my children. Us visit cafe Landtmann, Freud"s favourite café, where we eat Sachertorte, a chocolatey Viennese delight. The ebullient waiter tells us—in perfect English—that the whole café is currently a no cigarette smoking zone. We are delighted back we recognize the understand would not be pleased. The cake is delicious.