Sokka loses his trust Jian 劍 meteorite iron sword while knocking out 2 firebenders during "Sozin"s Comet : part 4" together a crucial trade-off to conserve his and Toph"s life.

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It drops into the forest and we don"t watch it again in the episode.

A firebender comes out of the ship and also fires at Sokka and Toph. They fall of the side and Sokka offers his sword in an attempt to avoid the fall. Lock fall and also land on a platform, break Sokka"s leg and his knife landing just in prior of him. Toph falls off and Sokka hold onto her hand.

Sokka My leg! hang on Toph!

Toph Aye, aye, Captain. two firebenders come the end on the platforms next to them. One of them is about to shoot lock off, but

Sokka throw his boomerang in ~ him. He kicks his knife in come his hand and also throws it in ~ the other one"s platform.

Sokka Bye, room sword.

Although there"s no canon explanation because that its recovery, you can clearly see top top this officially licensed poster the Sokka does undoubtedly recover his sword.

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