One Tree Hill: The 10 many Riveting Scenes set To Music, Ranked In One Tree Hill, many scenes space soundtracked through iconic, riveting songs, v the display trusting the music to include to the emotional impact.

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Lucas delivering Peyton right into the hospital; Haley crying in
Content Warning: This short article contains point out of suicide and mass violence.

One Tree Hill did a an excellent job of having actually an equal representation of Tree Hill High School’s basketball team, the characters’ relationships, family members drama, suspenseful moments, and also more. Every episode is riveting and also leaves viewers top top the sheet of their seats.

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Throughout the show’s ripe seasons, there are many scenes that room soundtracked by iconic, riveting songs. The present relied on music come add much more to the scenes" storytelling and also emotional impact. This scenes room unforgettable partly due to the music, consisting of these compelling moments, which fixed audiences. Lock stunned, and also these songs add to the intensity in ways fans will never ever forget.

Ellie Harp (Sheryl Lee) spring sad; Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) crying in
in ~ the beginning of the show’s 3rd season, Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton) meets she birth mother, Ellie Harp (Sheryl Lee). This is a serious storyline for the troubled character. After ~ they finally bond end their shared love for music, Ellie reveals she has cancer. In “The Wind That blew My heart Away,” Ellie is preparing to die.

She prefers to it is in alone, therefore she goes home and starts listening to The Replacements’ 1985 song, “Here come a Regular.” The scene shows Ellie’s health decline. In the background, the lyrics accompany Ellie’s emotionally state: “And everybody wants to be unique here…Here comes a regular. Am ns the just one below today?” The scene ends with Peyton arriving at Ellie’s home, only to uncover her bear mother’s dead body. The music grow softer together Peyton sobs for the mom she was just gaining to know.

9 once Haley & Karen are Delivering your Babies

Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) looking in ~ his mom in the hospital; Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) and Haley James Scott (Bethany delight Lenz) spring at your newborn kid in
In the season 4 finale “All that a suddenly I miss Everyone,” Lucas Scott’s (Chad Michael Murray) mother, Karen Roe (Moira Kelly), is in the hospital with life-threatening problems after offering birth to her daughter. In addition, while moving her valedictorian speech at Tree Hill High School’s graduation, Haley James Scott (Bethany pleasure Lenz) goes into labor.

As Haley arrives at the hospital, Karen flatlines. As this is happening, Live’s 1994 song, “Lightning Crashes,” dram softly in the background. The song, about the junxtap location of a new mother delivering a child and an old mom dying, adds come the scene’s storyline. Haley is delivering her healthy and balanced son while Karen is fighting for her life. The episode is a lightning crash of emotions, and the song beautifully accompanies every portion of the scene.

The fire at Scott Motors; Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) looking away in
One Tree Hill has countless unforgettable season finales. Lock intense v cliffhangers to save audiences engaged while waiting for the following season. The season two finale, “The Leavers Dance,” is among the best.

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The episode ends with Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) alone in ~ Scott Motors vehicle dealership, drink from a party of whiskey someone left because that him. Together he drinks, the notices his drink has been spiked. The looks increase to find a secret person setting the building on fire. The step is attach by The Veils’ 2004 song, “Lavinia.” as the structure is top top fire, the track grows in intensity as viewers don’t recognize what to expect. Walk Dan die or does someone conserve him?

7 as soon as Keith speak Lucas To open His Eyes

Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and also Keith (Craig Sheffer) talking; Lucas opening his eyes in
~ the tumultuous college shooting episode in the 3rd season, Lucas is determined to number out that shot and also killed his uncle, Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer). In the season four episode “Songs come Love and Die By,” Lucas is unconscious in the hospital and, while asleep, he’s checked out by Keith.

His uncle walks him v the occasions of the institution shooting. He tells him, “Open your eyes, Luke.” Lucas requirements to check out the truth. As Keith repeats his advice, La Rocca’s 2006 song “Non-Believer” theatre in the background. At first, Lucas grapples v the news, however the music grows in intensity together Lucas understands Keith’s message. He’s slowly beginning to think what Keith wants him come see. He ultimately opens his eyes.

In the season eight episode “Darkness top top the sheet of Town,” Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) finds Haley and also Nathan Scott’s (James Lafferty) son, Jamie (Jackson Brundage) trapped in a automobile during a thunderstorm. She make the efforts to save him, however the vehicle eventually falls off the Tree Hill bridge.

Luckily, Brooke’s fiancé, Julian Baker (Austin Nichols), finds them and Brooke speak him to conserve Jamie. He’s just a little boy. Brooke end up drowning and as Julian is performing CPR on her, Willie Nelson’s 1980 song, “Angel Flying too Close to the Ground,” plays. A song around angels adds to the emotional scene. Audiences satellite in silence together they watched their beloved character die. Luckily, she wakes up, yet the music and Julian’s desperate cry do this an unforgettable scene.

5 when Nathan Crashes The gyeongju Car

In the season 2 episode “I’m wide Awake, that Morning,” Nathan visits his uncle, Cooper Lee (Michael Trucco), in ~ the auto racing monitor in Daytona. Nathan decides to go on a solo race, but he crashes his car as the remembers every little thing that is going wrong in his life.

As Nathan is driving, The gain Up Kids’ 2004 song, “Like a male Possessed,” accompanies the extreme scene. The song describes a man in search of a cure to the madness in his life. That’s specifically how Nathan feeling at the moment, and also as he starts come crash his race car, the music becomes much more intense, adding to the chilling emotions.

Lucas and Peyton have a long, on-again, off-again connection in the show. Overall, they"re still one of the show"s ideal couples. In the season six episode “Forever and practically Always,” the two lastly get married when Peyton’s pregnant. It’s a mindful wedding as Peyton was diagnosed through placenta previa, and also she is not supposed to survive the labor and also delivery.

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The couple has a beautiful wedding and returns home, whereby Lucas surprises her with white climbed petals, fairy lights, and also candles. Matt Nathanson’s 2007 song, “Wedding Dress,” plays together Lucas travel guide his bride with the residence as she still wears she wedding dress. Peyton beginning bleeding and also finally collapses. Nobody knows what will occur to her, and the music juxtaposes the blissful occasion through the heartbreaking reality that Peyton could not live to fulfill her daughter.

3 when Haley Is fight By A Car

most fans mental the season 4 episode, “Some You give Away.” In the episode, the Tree Hill Ravens victory the State Championship, and everyone is elated. While go in the center of the street, Haley (while pregnant) is hit by a auto driven through Nathan"s key villain, Daunte Jones (Rick Fox), a Los Angeles Laker who tricks Nathan into allude shaving.

In the emotional, heart-stopping scene, Nathan runs to beat Daunte. Lucas rushes to aid Haley and also goes into complete cardiac arrest from seeing his unresponsive best friend. The terrible scene is attach by beam LaMontagne’s 2006 song, “Lesson Learned.” the a soft, slow-moving song around lies, loss, and also pain, and also it adds more shocking, heartbreaking emotions to the scene.

The season three finale, “The present Must walk On,” is most likely the finest season finale the One Tree Hill. After Nathan and Haley’s wedding, they’re driving away. Your car practically collides with a limousine, pushed by Cooper and Rachel Gatina (Danneel Ackles). The limo falls into the lake.

Nathan decides to it is in a hero and also jumps into the lake, however not prior to telling Haley the he loves her. In the background, Led Zeppelin’s 1969 fight single, “Babe, ns Gonna leaving You,” plays as Nathan tries come rescue Cooper and Rachel. The music it s okay louder together the scene becomes dramatic. Audience don’t understand what happens—if Cooper and Rachel space alive, and also if Nathan will obtain trapped in the vehicle with them. Is Nathan walk to leaving Haley behind?

1 The college Shooting

No one could forget around the heartbreaking season 3 episode, “With exhausted Eyes, tired Minds, worn down Souls, us Slept.” One Tree Hill tackled a school shooting. The shooter, Jimmy Edwards (Colin Fickes), is prepared to go suicide, but Keith make the efforts to reason with him.

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In the scene, Michelle Featherstone’s 2006 song, “God Bless the Child,” softly dram in the background. The music doesn’t overpower the scene, yet it adds come the emotional stress and anxiety as Jimmy finally takes his very own life. To do things even worse, Dan appears and kills Keith—his own brother—with the exact same gun. Featherstone’s vocals haunt the scene, giving viewers chills that they quiet haven’t forgotten about after all these years.