Tree line is an key in mountains above which trees merely do not grow. Right here is a much more detailed explanation the what the is in the Rocky Mountains.

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Nothing gets me as excited as as soon as I’m long in the Rocky Mountains and also I reach a point above the trees! The area over the trees, the alpine zone, is a distinct place complete of continuous plants and also animals. The unique flora and fauna is nice, yet the spectacular views and also long vistas are specifically awesome. I always feel favor I am up in the clouds and also floating above the world.

What Is Tree Line?

As I claimed above, tree heat is simply the point over which tree can’t survive and grow.

When girlfriend go higher on a mountain it becomes harder and harder because that trees come survive. Together a an outcome you often tend to see fewer varieties of trees, which also begin to grow shorter and shrubbier. Finally, no trees survive and also you are above tree line.

What reasons Tree Line?

There is a lot that comes right into play, however basically in ~ some suggest the climate (the weather in one area over the year) is just too harsh for trees come survive. That is a mix of things including too cold, too short of a cultivation season, too lot snow and ice, too windy, or not sufficient moisture.

All the these factors come right into play and make it impossible for trees to survive above a particular point top top the mountain.


Mount Elbert in Colorado. Notification the area above tree line.

Is The Level of Tree line The exact same Everywhere?

No. The elevation of tree heat is not the same at every points in the Rocky Mountains. Psychic the factor tree line exists is because over some suggest trees just can’t survive. Tree line is no a directly line that runs roughly a mountain. In other words, it is no an abrupt shift from tree to no trees.

The level the tree line have the right to vary relying on the micro climate, such as the element of the slope. Because that example, particular areas may be more sheltered from wind, which would allow trees to grow greater there.

Additionally, the elevation of tree line decreases together you move north from the southerly Rockies of brand-new Mexico as much as the Canadian Rockies. This is due to the fact that as you relocate north in latitude the climate i do not care colder, making it harder for trees come survive.


Tree heat in Glacier nationwide Park, in north Montana, is rather low.

What key Is Tree line In The Rocky Mountains

Tree heat in the southern Rockies in brand-new Mexico is around 12,000 feet.

In Colorado tree line is at approximately 11,000 come 12,000 feet.

The Tetons in Wyoming have actually a tree line around 10,000 feet elevation.

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Glacier nationwide Park has a lower tree line at about 6,900 feet ~ above the west slope and 6,000 feet ~ above the eastern slope.