The XP stands for "eXPerience". I once had a Baseball-Cap with an engraving "Microsoft windows eXPerience" =)

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As Fabian says, the home windows XP carboard situation quite clearly defines it as "eXPerience".

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Gotta love the focus group the dreamed the up!



"Vista" originates from two latin roots: VIS meaning come "crash, burn, or self-implode", and also TA meaning "the end, it"s over" as in "Ta-Da". In Spanish "Vista" means "view, to see", that is, we deserve to see this is the finish of the line for this ancient, overpatched-to-death C code initially stolen native Unix.

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I agree they intended it to it is in eXPerience. Back when it first came the end all the Mac Nazis claimed it stood because that OS X Pirated.

Personally, I"ve constantly looked at it together an emoticon cross between

X Dand: P

what carry out you get? ....


Xtremely Pirated?

Xtremely Popular?

Xistentially Perturbed?

VISTA = very Immature Severely Troubled Application

Rick Ace wrote:

So what go "Vista" mean? or what go it expect to mean?

I as soon as read this one top top a Linux mail list:

VISTA: Virus inside click begin To Activate...

As for XP, the officially way eXPerience together many currently noted...


Vista doesn"t actually stand because that anything. It normally refers come the visual user interface being a dramatic difference from other OS"s. In other words that refers greatly to the Aero user interface.

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Aero actually is one acronym, albeit a lousy one. It means Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open. Choose I said, a lousy acronym i m sorry is why Microsoft never really used it in any type of marketing.


SPOILER BELOW.... SORRY EVERYONE... All beit Seydon"s price is by much IMO the best... 


With the notice of Longhorn"s main name, Microsoft has actually left numerous users asking: Why windows Vista? agency representatives called BetaNews that Microsoft felt the new version of windows "deserved a name that was much more representative the what it especially brings to customers."

"Today, us live in a world of "more" -- much more information, an ext ways come communicate, more things to do, an ext opportunities -- and also at the very same time, more responsibilities. Increasingly, us all turn to our pcs to assist us v that," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "At the finish of the day, what you"re ~ is a means to break v all the clutter to focus on what you desire to focus on, what you must do. What you"re do the efforts to gain to is her own an individual Vista -- whether that is trying to organize photos, or trying to find a record or trying come connect and collaborate v a variety of people electronically."