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This native is a classic favorite–for learners and natives alike! If friend visit a country where Arabic is spoken, not a day will go by where you i will not ~ hear hurried chauffeurs stuck in web traffic screaming, “yallah!” the means, “hurry up,” or “let’s go.” the course, you can use it in a selection of ways. Let’s say you and also your friend have finished shopping, and also you’re hailing a cab for the both of you to go home. A cab finally stops, but your friend has determined to go ago into the store. In this case, you have the right to say, “yallah!” to urge him to hurry up and get in the cab.

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3. Habibi/Habibty = mine love/my darling


This is most likely my favorite word in the Arabic language, and also it’s popular throughout all Arabic speak countries. It method “my love.” Habibi is offered when addressing a man, and also Habibty is provided when addressing a woman. It have the right to be provided as a ax of endearment between friends and lovers alike.

The an initial time ns heard words Habibty, I was in Casablanca top top my way to a date of birth dinner party v a friend. As soon as we arrived, the organize opened the door, greeted me with a big hug, and also said, “Habibty, welcome to Morocco!” since that day, it has actually become an important word in my Arabic lingo.

4. Bi Salameh = in peace/peace it is in upon you

بي سلامه

Bi Salameh literally way “peace be upon you,” however it’s generally used to wish somebody a an excellent trip.

During mine Summer in Egypt, I spent a week with a really hospitable Syrian family who had actually lived in Cairo for decades. Lock were few of the kindest human being I’ve ever before met–they fed me delicious Syrian food, and also they gifted me a vintage photo album indigenous the father’s shop. The was hard to say goodbye come them–they began to feel prefer my own household after just a few days. Prior to leaving for Alexandria, the mother offered me a kiss top top both cheeks, and also said “bi salameh!” If you take trip to the Middle eastern or north Africa, you room bound to satisfy some the the warmest, most hospitable people–I extremely encourage it.

5. ‘Ala ‘aini = through pleasure

على عيني

I personally love this one. The literal translation is “on mine eyes,” but its day-to-day use is the tantamount of “with pleasure.” following time a girlfriend asks if you’d choose to spend the day in ~ the beach, fairly than saying “akeed,” try saying “‘aala ‘aeini.

You’ll find that Arabic is an extremely passionate, poetic language. When translated straight into English, numerous everyday phrases could sound a small dramatic. However, these are perfectly typical in casual Arabic conversations.

6. Ya’ani = like/meaning


I discover myself using this one in practically every sentence–which makes a ton the sense since ya’ani is the indistinguishable of “like, ” the favourite filler indigenous of the English language! Its literal meaning translation is “it means,” so if she unsure about a word’s meaning, girlfriend could constantly ask “shuu ya’ani _____?” (“what walk ____ mean?”).

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It’s perfect usable in both contexts, and also really catchy!

I’ve even heard indigenous speakers usage ya’ani when speak English. It’s just so addictive–just like the entirety language.