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‘opposition teams struggling come unify roughly the score of instead of the regime’‘A clear distinction can it is in made in ~ the supposedly linked London secret system.’‘An effective and unified device of rules and regulations is the actual cure come corruption.’‘Everyone desires the power, and also no one seems capable of unifying the nation.’‘If you"ve got difficulties at home, what"s the best means to unify the nation?’‘Syncretism is usually defined in terms of attempts to integrate or unify facets of different spiritual systems.’‘This text attempted to unify plenty of existing algebraic systems.’‘The federal government attempted come simplify and unify the floor tenure system.’‘The mechanism unifies and also adapts the logistics network to the business environment.’‘We see the dichotomies, the riches of paradox and the innate contradictions however fail to see what the is that unifies castle all right into a meaningful whole in your minds.’‘The election process could end up splitting the nation, fairly than unifying it.’‘It may be a an easy unifying idea, yet that is just one of the reasons why I favor the album therefore much.’‘Amidst the pageantry the monarchy is presented together a part of the unbroken heritage unifying the nation.’‘Power again will certainly be moved from a leader of one party come the leader of one more - and the country will unify behind him.’‘For example, white banners demarcate each section and unify the assorted rooms and also floors.’‘When this happens, the levels of soul are draw more closely together and unify through one another.’‘The sacrifice of battle is what is required, speak the brand-new conservatives, to found and also unify the nation.’‘If the room lacks a details definition, its limits are enhanced by a staff that uniform the room through eye contact.’‘He finished the year at the head the a nation more unified 보다 at any type of time because the finish of human being War II.’‘What has historically taken place to diplomatic services when nations have been unified?’