What does Papi mean?

The Spanish word for "Daddy". The ax is betterworld2016.org in a similar method to "daddy", periodically used between sexual partners v no familial relation.

Other meanings of Papi:

Spanish word for "father" or "daddy", the expression is regularly used through grown females as a ax of affection for their sex-related partner.Translates to "daddy" and is commonly used by youngsters to speak to for your father. However, comparable to daddy in English, it have the right to be used between partners in a relationship.A pet name for partner, comparable in usage to "daddy".

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How to usage the hatchet Papi:

Let"s go to the bedroom, papi.

¿Qué estás haciendo, papi?

My papi journey me to institution this morning.

Hola, papi chulo.

Video regarded Papi


Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Official Video) | YouTube A Song the mentions "Papi."

A 2011 monitor by Jennifer Lopez that offers the hatchet "papi" to refer to her partner. In the song, she instructs listener to run for your papi.

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