Meaning the the irish name Ciara. Listen and also learn how to express Ciara so girlfriend can acquire the correct pronunciation for this irish girl name.

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MEANING: The feminine type of Ciaran, indigenous the Irish ciar meaning “dark” and also implies “dark hair and also brown eyes.” St. Ciara to be a differentiated seventh-century number who created a monastery in ~ Kilkeary in ar Tipperary. It to be the fourth most popular baby girl surname in Ireland in 2003.

Dawn Cotter

I to be due in Oct and decided on naming our baby Ciara if that is a girl, what are some typical Irish center names? my husbands family members originated indigenous Ireland and also are wanting an irish name

Dee Geraghty

Hi,Well, my surname is Deirdre. In London & brothers generallt, anyone calls me ‘Dear-dree’. Therefore fed up as in Irelabd i am referred to as ‘Dur-drah’ which is correct Irisg Gaelic pronunciation. Part have referred to as me ‘Dee-drah’ ! problem solved as I now call myself ‘Dee’ & don’t tell people what my genuine name is no It’s simpler that means & I choose the name ‘Dee’ !

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My name is Ciara, I’m indigenous limerick, Ireland and also I express my name as ‘care-ah’. Slightly various to ‘kee-rah’. Each to their very own